Coil Moves The Head

By | on May 22, 2018 | 8 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

8 Responses to “Coil Moves The Head”

  1. Paul ,BEN HOGAN is the reference .Looking up the videos where he swings ,and taking marks in the background just behind him you do see him moving his head backwards several inches .Now ,BEN HOGAN was a great cigarette smoker .So in another very interesting film ,you see him swinging with a cigarette hanging from his lips :at
    address the tip of the cigarette points to the ball :at the top of the backswing ,the tip of the cigarette still points to the ball :at impact the tip remains pointed to the ball .When I look at you swinging ,I see the same idiosyncrasie replicated ,though you don’t have a cigarette between your lips .
    When I want to keep my head on the ball (Yet moving it back and swivelling it in the backswing ) I hold a wooden tee between my lips and try to keep it pointed to the ball ,at address ,at the top of the backswing and at impact .
    It’s not that easy to do but it does oblige you not to lift the head too soon and to extend your arms fully in the throughswing !
    Right or wrong?

    • Raymond,

      I remember this with George Knudson too. It is a good way to get the head moving. I will have to try it to see if it would be a good tip.


  2. This is good stuff and is a key area of improvement in my own swing, thanks to you.

    However, watching the Byron Nelson last week the coach/commentator Peter Kostis had a front on slowed down film of Jordan Spieth hitting a full wedge. Kostis said, which seemed to be borne out by the film, that the key to Spieth’s wedge play was keeping his head still throughout his swing along with a forward shaft lean at impact.

    Any views?

    • David,

      When Tiger was playing poorly a few years ago Kostis said Tiger’s only problem was he was standing too far away from the ball. Enough said.

  3. This is probably the clarification I need. Tried moving head more but found ball striking with driver worsened. Didn’t have as much a problem with the irons however. I am assuming the head movement is much less with a wedge than the driver.

    Thanks for all your detailed videos – I need detail.

    • Karl,

      Glad you liked it. Thanks. I try to explain “why.” No one seemed to be able to tell me why when I was learning the swing. If you don’t know why then why would you do it?

  4. September 16, 2020


    This is great thanks Paul and I am doing it but I think my pelvis must be moving wrongly as I do it.
    I seem to have too much of a tilt at the top (tilt to right)
    …and then a huge tilt to right throughout downswing.
    Is it possible that hips can turn on a reverse pivot with shoukders & head over to right?
    thanks Rob

    • Avatar photo

      September 16, 2020

      Paul Wilson

      You would want to check to see where the weight is at the top of your backswing. If it is on the instep of your right foot then you have loaded the weight correctly, but if it is on the left foot or the outside of the right foot then you might be having some coiling problems. Go to the top of your backswing and sense where your weight is. Check out this tip:

      DRILL: Bounce On Back Knee:

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