How To Get the Proper Chipping Trajectory

By | on March 11, 2023 | 28 Comments |


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

28 Responses to “How To Get the Proper Chipping Trajectory”

  1. Paul: As you chip from further away from the edge of the green, were do you land the ball or is the roll distance the important factor?

    • You are landing the ball about 1 yard onto the front of the green will all club and all chip shots. The front of the green is closer to you. This way you are not guessing how far onto the green you need to fly the ball. The whole idea behind chipping is that you are trying to get it over the rough grass and onto the green as fast as possible. You would putt it if you could but you can because the it’s too bumpy. So get it over the rough grass and onto the green rolling it to the hole.

  2. Paul: Can I use the same tecnic out of low cutted rough 3 to 6 yards from the green or would it be better to pitch? Thanks.

    • August 5, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      This depends on how much green you have to work with. If you have enough green to roll the ball then use the chipping technique. This is way easier than pitching it. IF the rough is deep take 1 less club because it will roll more coming out of the rough.

  3. August 21, 2012


    Love the bucket technique which I tried tonight as it really focuses you on getting the ball I’m the air. I seem to favour my lob wedge and with an open face I think I could learn to control the ball. My question is, why not use the lob wedge for most distances when your just off the green meaning just lift a bit further onto the green?

    • August 22, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Glad you like it. You don’t use the lob wedge all the time because you have to guess where on the green to land the ball. Plus you are looking farther away than just on the front. Why not hit the ball just a few yards to get it on? Once on you let it roll. You fly it half way there and it checks or doesn’t check you will be short or long. Do it my way and you will be great. You’ll see.

    • August 22, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Oh yeah, with my way you don’t have to practice once you get it. Your way has you practicing this regularly for hours.

  4. April 10, 2013


    I have the powerless arm swing using the body and my drives are much better. My chips are the pits. I get the ratios and different clubs lesson. What I don’t understand are:

    1.When and if we vary from the club at the pocket in order to get the placement of the grip?

    1a With different clubs aiming to hit the SAME distance inside the green, do we keep the pocket and grip reference?

    1b Using a sand wedge (ex) DIFFERENT DISTANCES FROM THE GREEN, do we keep the pocket reference and set up? I use different clubs for part 1 above but. for now, I want to concentrate just on my sand wedge for different distance to the green

    2. And how much, if any, body turn in a chip? Stay straight ahead the whole time? turn toward left of target at the end? Do we use the body to pull the club at all or just to guide it at the end?
    2a. Does this vary for longer chips except to vary in degree of whatever you answer above to get the ball to go further?

    I would appreciate a few patterns to remember as I am pushing 80 🙂

    • April 10, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      1. Your hands are well forward of the ball. This means they are off the left pocket. If your stance is more than about 3″ wide your hands will be too far ahead of the ball thus de-lofting the club too much. Doing so will make your ball roll too far. Check your stance and hand and ball position. The ball is off the instep. Back farther than this also puts your hands too far ahead of the club thus de-lofing the club too much.

      1a. You have one set up and you are simply changing clubs. As I said above, check your stance width and ball position. Just understand I want the hands ahead of the ball. Doing so, puts the grip in a strong position where you can see 3-4 knuckles.

      1b. You st up the same. If you are farther from the green you would take a little longer backstroke to make the ball fly to the front of the green. This takes a little practice.

      2. You have zero body turn the backswing. The hips will turn on their own on the way through a little. I am not even thinking about them. They turn because I am turning towards the target. You are imagining you are putting. Do your set up with your hands ahead. Then putt. When you do your body will turn a little through it. It is really this simple. You are making way too much of this.

      2a. You take a longer backstroke for longer chips like you would do in putting. Long putt = long backstroke.

      Again, make this simple. It is little putting with your hands ahead. If you are a half decent putter grab it and do a few strokes with the ball back and hands ahead and a narrow stance. Once you get the feel you replace the putter with a Sand Wedge and hit some chips. Do this from medium rough to make it easier. Once you get it you then do this even when on tighter lies.

      Keep at it. You really can do this.


  5. I am of the school of thought who says the chip is simply a lofted put.
    Saying that I am variance with you as regards the grip:my grip is a putting grip ,two thumbs in top of the handle ,left hand showing only one knuckle .I use to have a more strong left hand as you advise but found out that with a weak left hand my chipping improved consid

    • Raymond,

      I would think you are not doing my grip exactly as I want you to. It works incredibly well because it guarantees the descending blow. The cause of bad chips is an ascending blow so if you can guarantee the club is descending it’s real tough to hit bad chips.

      It doesn’t matter if the flange is wide or not doing it my way hits the ball first then the club enters the ground. The width of the sole has no effect on the shot.

      If you are losing distance it is because you are tightening your arms trying to make up for getting a little weaker. I have an 82 years old student who flew it 256. It’s not about strength it’s about technique. Swing looser not harder to gain more power. You can do it.

      • I have converted to your chipping grip technique(Strong left hand grip ,four Knuckles showing ).As you say rightfully ,even THE not so good chip shots get close to THE pin.Golf is all about reducing your mistakes ,not about improving your best shots .
        As for regaining distance ,I have taken your advice and un-tightened my arms -POWERLESS ARMS -Plus more Speed in forward hip rotation .IT WORKS .
        Thank you Paul for your excellent instruction !

  6. I’m normally a fairly good chipper using your technique but recently have been stubbing behind the ball hitting it fat. As a result it barely gets halfway to the hole.
    Am I lifting my head and looking too early? Any thoughts coach?

  7. Avatar photo

    April 30, 2016


    This is one video that have learned, perhaps, even more from your written responses to questions than the video. So nice you have this question/reply area in your program. It cleared up a lot of critical things for me. Thanks Paul!

    • Bri,

      The Q and A is important. All members should be reading them. Glad you are. I go into detail so people get the answer.

  8. Paul
    Lately have been getting more spin with the ball checking up rather than rolling out. How do you reduce the amount of spin to allow for more rollout with this technique?

    • Tim,

      If you are getting too much spin you have to have your hands even with the ball as you are making contact. Feel the hands are more ahead at impact. This will lower the flight. If it is lower there is no way it’s going to check. Watch the trajectory.

  9. To have a higher trajectory ,you can put the ball in between the feet ,instead of putting it on the right foot ,still keeping the hands ahead of the ball
    In an ancient book by NICK FALDO ,I remember he advised to hit the ball off the toe of the club ,and not in the middle of the club face ,in order to” soften” or to “deaden “the blow .
    I don’t do it myself ,it not that easy to adjust your stroke to have the toe striking the ball .
    What do you think of this advice ?

    • Raymond,

      I DO NOT want the ball in the middle. This defeats my whole chipping technique because you lose the angle between the club and lead arm.

      Not sure about hitting the toe. The people I see are just trying to make contact and get consistent. This would be more advanced. Why not just change clubs.

  10. Sometime back,you had a video in which you suggested to turn the club face to 10:00 o’clock, then grab handle normally, but choking down, and then having handle off your left leg pocket (for right hander) and bending at knees enough to stay down on the shot. Do you still recommend the initial set up of turning the club face to 10 o’clock?

  11. October 23, 2016


    Paul I can not chip correctly, I watch your tips over & over go out & practice in my practice sessions I feel it all works,however go to the course I throw shots away,either short,long ,fat or scull.

  12. Hi Paul, had a very difficult time with my chipping however with your instruction on placing hands past the golf ball on contact has helped a lot. Placement of ball has also confused me, do I always place the ball more back of my stance when chipping whether I am chipping from 25 metres out or 5 metres?

  13. January 14, 2019



    Does club selection change if one is chipping uphill to the pin?

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