How To Chip Consistently

By | on April 12, 2018 | 14 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

14 Responses to “How To Chip Consistently”

  1. Fantastic tip Paul. In your chipping stroke are you feeling anything with your hands or is it all in your shoulders rocking? Do want want the wrists firm or locked down…it seems like there is a slight little give in your right wrist on your way back. Thanks!!

    • Glad you liked it. I am actually accelerating with my right hand. I find when I don’t do this I can chunk the odd shot. This is really the same as the putting stroke and the throwing motion with the right-hand so as I say I want you to do your putting stroke to get the shots. I do keep my wrists kind of loose with a tiny bit of hinge going back but I have had thousands of chips in my life. For someone learning it, I would want them to keep the wrists locked throughout the stroke because they can’t lose the angle between the lead arm and the club shaft. If they get flippy with the hands will never work. So, keep the hands and wrists pretty stable then feel like you are doing your putting stroke to hit the shots. Then just change clubs to make the ball roll different distances.

  2. October 10, 2012


    I now have checked out the chipping videos and they helped a lot. Another question related to ratios: Do we use that same chipping shot and club for a 1:1 ratio that is just a few yards from the green if the ball is to fly 10 yards and he hole is about the same from where the ball would land? 15yard;15 yards? Do we modify the swing to go past the back leg? do we change clubs because it is further but still a 1:1 ratio?

    Thanks June from Laguna

    I forgot to put any identificitons on my first questions about ratios. Sorry

    • October 11, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      June, You are using the same chipping technique but doing a longer backswing to hit the ball 10 yards to get it on the front of the green. 15 yards you would hit the ball even harder to get it on the front. Same technique. Same club for the ratio.

  3. October 20, 2012


    Hi Paul. I am having a problem with thinning…..not scooping my chip shots. Any tips I can practice to begin to improve in this area?

    All the best,

    Chris Rasmussen

    • October 22, 2012

      Paul Wilson

      Chris, This sounds like you have too much weight on the left foot at address. This is getting you ahead of the ball in the downswing which is causing you to hit the back end of the ball. Just feel 70% of the weight on left foot and keep it at this level until you hit the ball.

  4. Hi Paul, you appear to be de-lofting your club during setup. If so is there a correlation with the 1 to ? Thinking? Mikeq

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      April 15, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      Delofting the club is the whole concept. This allows you to follow the ratios.

  5. Hi Paul

    Are your shoulders parallel to the ball/target line, or are they, like the feet, a little open? Thanks

    • Gordon,

      Shoulders are parallel. Feet, knees and even the hips would be slightly open. If the shoulders are open you would swing left.

  6. October 16, 2019


    Paul. I truly appreciate all the tips, work on things daily, but my issue goes between the ears, chipping yips, been a 2 year battle, practice no issue, on course when score matters, wowwww, the dreaded stab with hands, the wet muddy tight lie creates amazing self doubt, I even tried distraction techniques and the Point A to Point B, but no help, any other ways to cross the lonely abyss……….if I have rough, no problem, it’s the tight grainy wet lie that leads to leading edge of club digging or the hands stabbing the ball with no touch in sight………….please give some thoughts

    • Avatar photo

      October 17, 2019

      Paul Wilson


      I have fixed tons of people with chipping yips over the years. You are trying to hit the ball. So, you need to think beyond the ball. As I describe in my chipping technique I image my putter and putt. When you putt I guarantee your putter does not stop at the ball. So you do my setup. Before you hit the chip you do some putting stroke. Then you step up imagining it is your putter and you putt it. This way you are not hitting. You are stroking it.

      -Learn The Best Way To Chip:


      • October 17, 2019


        So with a putter, I wouldn’t be thinking ground contact, I would strike a spot on the ball at the equator and stroke through the ball, and then with chipping, does my focus stay on same spot, I guess I see no ground contact with a stroke you’re describing…………..then I see the ratio dial chipping being the guide for distance……..thanks

        • Avatar photo

          November 6, 2019

          Paul Wilson


          Not sure I answered this.

          The club hits the ball then the ground. This is why you should be making perfect contact doing my chipping technique. Just think putting with the hands ahead. Start on longer grass then graduate to tighter lies.

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