Checkpoints – Halfway Through

By | on March 17, 2022 | 7 Comments | Array


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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

7 Responses to “Checkpoints – Halfway Through”

  1. March 4, 2016


    Hi Paul, The first item on the Dashboard is an item “full swing” which has items on each of the positions you have recently been doing checklists for. Can I suggest you add another button to these full swing items called “checklists” to include these latest videos in the “full swing” summary videos. I think they deserve this elevated position on your web-site.

    • Ted,

      Just working on some things right now. Once finished I will probably add those as you suggested. Glad you like them.

  2. March 4, 2016


    Ted (above) makes a good point…I second it. That said, you suggest doing video of swing to check these items yourself. The shots you have shown are from, I believe, an expensive camera/video system based upon the clarity and “freezing” of rapidly moving portions of the swing. Can you indicate what systems one should use to do same that may be less expensive but adequate for us hackers to use?…iPad, Android phone, video brands and model, etc.

    Later, Ken

    • Ken,

      The pictures were taking on a high speed Casio Exilim EX-FH25. I think I paid around $300 on ebay. It shoots 30 frames per second. Can’t remember now. Yo uahve to do it in multiple takes because as soon as you press the button the frames are shot. It also shoots very high speed video but the frames were too small for what I was using it for. Great camera for golf though.

      My assistant Pete has a new iPhone 6 and the video quality is incredible. The club barely blurs. Plus it shoot in 4K.

      We also use the Coaches Eye app and desktop software. Very good and simple to use.

  3. March 4, 2016


    The first two comments are great. I was thinking pretty much the same things. It would be great if you could put out a booklet (at a price of course) just on this check point series. Just the two photo views and the summary notes. Having them. in.a smallish spiral booklet would be awesome. Just a thought. I realize there are limits to what you are able to offer. Can’t be going to expenses unless there is a good chance of a fair return down rhe line.

    • Gary,

      Not sure about the spiral booklet but I was thinking of letting members download them. I am working on a big project right now so once finished I can get to it.

  4. March 5, 2016


    Downloading would be great. Could print them out & make a booklet.

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