Break the Chain – Stop Topping

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

10 Responses to “Break the Chain – Stop Topping”

  1. Hi Paul. I am still trying to get my backswing more upright. Although I am making big progress I have noticed in the videos I have taken that when my swing flattens I begin to top the ball a lot. Do you think that a flat swing is another cause of topping? I dont see any lifting going on in the videos. Thanks. Ralph.

  2. Hi Paul. Ralph again. How do i access the the golf tips and Swing Machine Golf Video products you mentioned in your recent email that would be available to members. Thanks. Ralph

    • January 8, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      These products are for the people who purchased them. There is a code on the members page for 25% off if you would like to purchase them. Once you get the code go to the “Store” link at the very top of the page to see all of the products. Included are different bundles which include my full swing/short game videos and book as well as the specialty videos, driver, cure your slice, shaping shots and faults and fixes.

  3. January 7, 2013


    So obvious but so important. I find harder I try more of a problem it becomes. Of course for the reasons you mentioned, but putts, chips, pitches etc all are effected by me lifting up. However the one I have most difficulty in curing it the fairway woods. I guess i’m topping in a way as for sure I’m not getting underneath them. Soft medium hard I’ve tried it all ways but cannot seem to make a clean contact on a regular basis. When I do exaggerate or change my swing plane then I’m digging the earth big time!

  4. September 24, 2013


    Topping is my worst and most consistent fault . I’ve tried everything It happens more consistently with the longer clubs especially my driver. I try to do what your teaching here and I seem to be able to get it at the range but when I get out on the course it happens all over again . It is so frustrating . It seems like I should stop playing when it happens so I don’t ingrain it. Any more suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • September 24, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You are swinging way to hard. The harder you hit, the more you will look to see what you hit.

      So you need to forget about distance especially when you play. Your thought has to be positions or you will never stop doing it. Everyone has gone through this at some point. So forget the ball. Focus on building a great swing. Start with grip, setup and follow through. Then coil, and hinge in the backswing. Finally work on you takeaway. All of these positions are found in the red nav bar under SWING TIPS > FULL SWING.

      Make sure you are doing tons of practice swings at home and at the range focusing on the feedback I teach. This will allow you to know you are doing the positions perfectly. Once you get one move on to the next and so on.


      How To Take Your Swing From The Range To The Course:

      You need to be doing this drill immediately:

      DRILL: This Is The Best Drill You Should Be Doing Right Now:

  5. August 29, 2016


    I really like your bad shot series. We all don’t have great ball position all the time like you do. Some bad shots could also come from ball position to far forward or back. Thanks Paul. Al L.

  6. April 12, 2019


    Paul: A Report. On Tuesday on the range, I had an unbroken chain of hitting thin shots. I came home and that afternoon and evening watched this video tip numerous times. The next day, Wednesday, I played 18 holes and did not hit a single thin shot. I shot 4 strokes under my handicap. Today, Friday, I shot 5 strokes under my handicap. Bad news–on Monday the computer will recalculate my handicap.

    I became a new member early this year. You have completely changed my golf game from driver to putter. I am a true believer convert–Coil at the top, uncoil at the bottom, touch my legs perfectly, touch my head. Where were you 40 years ago? Last Saturday was my 80th birthday. Walter

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