The Body Swing – Extra Tip 3 – How To Take A Divot

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There are certain feelings associated with powerless arms.  This tip explains what I feel. Once you know this make sure you look for these thing in your swing.



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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

23 Responses to “The Body Swing – Extra Tip 3 – How To Take A Divot”

  1. August 5, 2016


    my favorite impact picture is Mr.Ben Hogan hitting a long iron shot.At impact his head is over his left knee.d.w.

    • August 5, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      I think you made a mistake. That would be head over his right knee at impact. If it was over the left he would have bladed or topped the shot.

  2. September 18, 2016


    Good stuff.

  3. December 31, 2017


    Thanks Paul. ‘Less is More.’

    • Avatar photo

      January 1, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      Exactly. But less is harder to do because it creates a tight wound up feeling.

  4. January 1, 2018


    The system is great and has yielded immediate results for me. Hope I am still allowed to use ‘raspberry mousse’ to help with timing… saying ‘raspberry ‘ on the backswing and ‘mousse’ at the transition. Also…OK to exhale on downswing to help relax arms?

  5. So I have been golfing for 8 years and I have taken a few lessons. I bought this program hoping it will cure my flawed swing. I have been on this program for 2 weeks and the results have been awesome, I have turned off my arms and been using my legs/ hips to give me that effortless swing. I have not perfected it yet but I see results coming. I’m glad I purchased this program.

    • Avatar photo

      March 13, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      So glad you are improving. I love hearing it. Great results for just a couple of weeks. Keep doing the practice swings and mastering the positions. It’s all about the movement. Build a great swing you hit great shots.

      Keep up the good work.

  6. Paul, great tip. I have turned my arms off and have loose wrists, I turn with my hips, hit the ball well, but no divot. I kept feeling that I was raising up and didn’t know why or what was causing me to do this. I kept swinging to correct this, then I realized why. This may help many others also, being we are not pros. At setup, knees are bent slightly, when I do the back swing everything is perfect, but when I turn my hips my back leg straightens and this was causing me to raise up, not taking a divot. Now I consciously keep my back knee in the same position until after impact, this causes me to take a divot every time I swing, but until I can do this automatically, I must slow down. You may want to tell others as we are not the best students to work with. I hope this helps others. I can’t thank you enough, you are the greatest teacher, and you simplify the swing. God Bless. I joined Ignition golf yesterday, best thing I’ve ever done. Thanks again for making playing golf fun again.

    • Avatar photo

      March 16, 2018

      Paul Wilson


      Thank you for the kind words. I truly appreciate it.

      Interesting about the right knee. I rarely see this. Glad you caught it and are working on it. Divots are important in compressing the ball. Make sure that as you do this with the right knee your left is locking. I just don’t want you keeping the right bend and causing the left to bend too much too.

    • April 30, 2018


      I agree with you Robert great comments. Thanks Paul we are fortunate to have you and your knowledge and patience.

  7. Good point, you’re exactly right.. As I said, and believe, you are the greatest golf instructor ever. God Bless.

  8. Paul, i’m new to your system but am enjoying it. I really love the powerless arms concept and am incroporating int. I find the tips on divots confusing…it would seem that if one’s upper body is tilted back at impact that you would hit the ground behind the ball. We all know a good divot occurs after the ball…it would seem that if your upper body is tilted back that you could never get the club head to continue into the ground after the ball. It seems to me that i hit fat shots when my upper body stays too far down and behind at impact, and my better divots are when my upper body stays with my hips and lower body moving toward the target at impact. Can you illustrate some other way or clarify how to take a divot after the ball?

  9. Paul, thanks for the reply. Your comment about how the club is still hinged at impact and only becomes fully unhinged until after impact really made the difference for me. To me that is a really important point for reasons other than just thinking about the divot. We’ve all seen pictures of great players hitting the ball with their hands ahead of the ball, and I always thought that one had to sort of “hold the release” and “hit down” to keep our hands ahead of the ball. When i first started learning about your “powerless arms” concept and how loose we need to keep our wrists, i was worried that if i kept my wrists loose and let them unhinge that I might “flip” the club head at the ball or even before it. Knowing that even with loose wrists the club remains slightly hinged until after impact is helpful. You might consider incorporating this into your video so that is clear to others.

    I’m finding your instruction really helpful. I hit one shot the other day where my arms and wrists were relaxed and i hit the ball perfectly straight — and too far!

    • Eric,

      Glad you understood it and are working on letting the arms go. If you keep hitting hard it contracts the arm muscles pulling the club off the ground. Doing this will never allow it to hit down. I hear so many people are trying to hit down or hold this angle and they still don’t do it so at what point does this thinking actually work? So letting the arms extend is the way to go but this creates different feelings the person has to get used to. You have now experienced it so now you know it works and hopefully you will keep trying to do it.

  10. Thanks again, Paul. I’m really impressed by your teaching and your online products. Both are great.

    BTW, i’ve subscribed to comments on every post i’ve replied to but have never gotten an email letting me know that you or others also commented. Thought you should know. I’ve looked for a setting somewhere that might be related to this but can’t find anything.

    • Eric,

      The site used to send out notifications. I updated the plug in a couple of weeks ago. If it no longer works I don’t think there is anything I can do. You will just have to save the tips I reply to and revisit them the next day once I have replied. I will look into it further but not sure.

    • Eric,

      Glad you like my teaching. I appreciate the feedback.

  11. Paul,

    I have been taking lessons on and off for two years. I am sixty years old and have played occasionally for past six years. I was the worst flipper on the planet as I could hit a seven iron 150 vertically with an 80 roll out LOL. I have had some really poor experiences with lessons, one guy had me address the ball with the club closed almost forty five degrees to hit a draw, dropped him like a bad habit. your method of loose arms and wrist, using the body is working magic for me and kept me from quitting the game I love. I still am not a long hitter but that seven iron is up to 130 regularly and straight up the gut. It seems it has been harder to increase the driver distance as my hips seem to be turning later than on my irons, but I have gone from 160 to around 190 just waiting to get up to around 220, and that would make me ecstatic.

    • Ben,

      Good stuff. I love hearing it.

      Sounds like you are on track. Just take it in small steps. Don’t want to get too crazy and lose it. 7 iron at 130 isn’t too bad at all. 150 would be the ultimate goal so you are close.

      Driver is trickier because when you drive harder you want to hit harder. Plus, if you just in increase leg drive you may hit pushes and push fades. So you don’t think its’ working.

      You need to follow the How To Gain Distance section of The Body Swing so give that a watch.

      Keep at it. You will get it.

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