Increase Your Turn With These Spine Mobility Exercises

By | on February 22, 2023 | 6 Comments | Array


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6 Responses to “Increase Your Turn With These Spine Mobility Exercises”

  1. Jeremy, How can a person increase the ability to balance in this tip? I know I have a balance problem that a neurologist was unable to help me improve. Through a lot of daily practice, I can stand one one foot for a minute almost at will, if my eyes are open. Closing my eyes, immediately causes a loss of balance. I also walk toe to heel along a tile line daily. I can normally go 20 feet or so before “losing it.” Do you have any ideas or exercises that may help? Thanks for any suggestions.

  2. Hi Roy,
    Good question about improving balance. What you’re doing right now is fantastic. Depending on your diagnosis and how safe you feel, keep working on improving your eyes-closed balance. It can be more frustrating with your eyes closed but you have to handle that. Balance improves only with perseverance and variety. Your body can get “bored” when doing the same thing and improvement can plateau. Depending on your ability, you could try putting or swinging on one foot, wobble boards are great, or you could get a partner or a wall and toss a ball while in some sort of narrowed base of support, ie half-kneeling (like the video), one foot or heel-toe. Best of luck!
    Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. November 14, 2013


    Jeremy ,Isn’t the first exercise you show called the “Cat and Dog “exercise?
    For the rotation exercise,isn’t better to perform it ,when sitting on the stability ball,with a medecine ball held in both hands ,and rotating with it to both sides in turn ?
    What about improving the hip turn “per se “,separate from the shoulder turn ?(I wonder if you didn’t already show that exercise ,holding an alignment stick across the hips while keeping the shoulders motionless)

    • Hi Raymond,
      Yes it is… the first exercise is called “Cats and Dogs”.

      As far as optimal rotation exercises you should do them in a variety of positions, i.e. lying, kneeling, seated as you mentioned, and standing. Each position will give you a different challenge.

      Improving the hip turn with shoulder stability, as you asked about, is in many different videos on this site like “How To Increase Hip Separation In the Downswing” found in the Flexibility area of the Ignition Golf site.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  4. Jeremy,

    I have Lumbar spondylosis problem .I am managing without pain by doing exercises regularly . I play golf twice a week with a handicap of 22. I use a lumbar belt while playing. I am 75 years old. I am fit otherwise .I am about 70 in tall with a weight of about 160 pounds.

    Is this exercise good for me?

    Can you suggest any other exercises?


    • Hi Soundar,
      Thanks for the question. Spondylosis is an issue with degenerative changes, typically with age. The primary PT is restoring flexibility, improving posture and decompression modalities. Unfortunately, nothing can reverse the issue but you can manage it through pain-free exercise. These exercises in this video, as long as there is no pain, should be fine. All other pain-free flexibility and posture exercise would be warranted as well. Having said that, please consult with your medical professional team associated with your Spondylosis diagnosis concerning any treatment or exercise program.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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