It Is Luck

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Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

12 Responses to “It Is Luck”

  1. July 13, 2016


    Hi Paul,

    Most of us are probably not nearly as smart as we think we are. Embarrassing, but true. I have been a bad student. I will now give you a minimum of ten minutes a day (not counting tip viewing time). I have confidence that this is a great approach and I will report in and let you know how things are going.


    • Len,

      It takes daily work on your swing to get this stuff. Glad you see it now. Just do the practice swings 10mins. a day and you will get it. This is not hard. It just takes little effort. Go get em!

  2. July 13, 2016


    GREETINGS COACH I think that I have been with you for 4 years now or close to it,i have been playing golf for 50 years. I can say, without question, my game is want it is now because of those 4 years. I am happy with my game.I don.t do your FAVORIT DRILL as much as I should but I do it,but, sometimes, when I am on the course, I will say to myself, I KNOW WHAT TO DO I JUST DON,T KNOW IF I CAN DO IT,meaning, I have practiced the swings enough to know but not enough really know. Knowing the positions IS more important than the ball and although I look at the ball at address I try to think some part of the positions. I ramble but it’s working for me. THANKS COACH

    • John,

      Thank you for following me and the kind words.

      You have to be close to a huge breakthrough. Just focus on the weak areas. Also, keep perfecting the positions. It’s all about the swing. You can do it.

  3. July 13, 2016


    Well said, as usual. When you really think about it, your instruction is quite simple to understand and the positions are not difficult to achieve. The really neat aspect is that you don’t need to run to a driving range everyday to work on your swing. It really is easy to just keep a couple of clubs handy and just go out in the yard a few times every day and take some practice swings above the ground. It does take some time to reprogram the brain to forget all the previous nonsense that you thought was fixing your swing over the years when you did, accidentally, have some short lived success. I’ve found that whenever I truly reach the “touch legs, touch head” possitions, the results are usually quite good & when I get sloppy or careless, the results almost always suffer. The possitions really are the key and without those, no real & lasting improvment is going to happen.

    • Gary,

      Glad you like see it. I keep telling everyone I don’t need them to hit balls. Literally ten mins per day to totally transform your swing. Seems like a small price to me yet people insist on hitting balls.

      It really is a mind thing. Until people are educated they will just keep whacking balls hoping it will come and it never does. I went through this and it’s not fun. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only one even talking about this or trying to teach people this way. I will have to try harder to get the word out. Too many people out there that need help.

  4. Just to be clear, I have no “dog in this fight” other than to try to find the right swing approach for me. Your site had been recommended to me a while back, I’ve been on, then off, then recently back on.

    The above said, this tip is, IMO, the single best piece of golf swing advice I’ve seen ANYWHERE. Period. The reason I say that is because I am the epitome of “going in circles” when it comes to trying to acquire a swing. I’ll happen to hit a series of good shots; i.e. I get a thought in my head at the range, swing with that thought through about a half to full bucket, then try to reuse that thought at my next visit. Never works. So I go on to the next thought or next approach, rinse and repeat. I’ve been on this treadmill for about 6 summers now.

    Whether it’s your method or that of someone else, this tip explains that you are ALWAYS going to hit some good shots, don’t be fooled. Practice the positions. If you do that extensively and the swing STILL doesn’t work then you can be confident in moving on. Don’t chase your tail.

    • Norman,

      Glad you liked it. I tell this to a lot of students who come to me. Does it register? I doubt it.

      This is what I struggle with on a daily basis. In a lesson I can literally tell people 50-100 times to do the follow through. This is why I keep posting tips to forget about the ball. It is not about the ball. It is about the movement and building a great swing. A great swing hits great shots.

      Glad you see it. Stay focused on the changes and you will get there. With my follow through positions you will be able to do the same swing every day, every shot, forever.

  5. Avatar photo

    July 22, 2016


    Wow! So incredibly insightful! You have made a believer in me, finally, Paul. Even though you hit no balls or showed much actual golf swing stuff in this video – you provided absolutely critical “KEY” information here. I have ‘sort of’ heard this before from you, in other videos, and your books, but I never totally absorbed it like I have from your presentation in this video. You nailed it! I am sold!! Thank you ever so much.

    Now I will work so much harder on THE POSITIONS without hitting balls. I was lost, but now I am found. I am a bit ashamed I never got this lesson before. It’s not like you did not say it many many times before, it is just I never committed to it as much as I needed to, for some reason. I am such a visual learner. I think, maybe before, I just got lost in watching you hit balls so sweet. Thank you for not hitting any balls on this tip. I think that was the key for me, to ‘hear’ this with the intensity I needed. This lesson is not very visual, but the most important one of all, I now believe. I need to just hear it with no hitting of any balls by you. Nice!

    • Bri,

      Glad you liked it. I do and will keep saying it.

      I find it mind boggling that people wouldn’t do the positions. Hitting ball after ball does not work. I and every other pro I know has worked on their swing positions yet every average player just whacks balls. I watch them on the range each day. The just hit balls not working on anything. How can you possibly get better doing this? Like I said in the tip though, you hit a few good shots why would you think anything is wrong.

      Sat focused and build a great swing. I would just be doing it a home every night. Give me 10 mins. a night and you will have it for life.

  6. Hi Paul,
    This is probably the dumbest question but I am having so much trouble with my drives . I have great practice swings but I tend to swing to hard when I go to hit the ball and get all kinds of mishits . It isn’t as bad with my followup shots but my drives have me crazy . I’m sure it’s mostly mental but can’t seem to get rid of that habit . I’ve tried everything and my
    golfing partner just tells me to swing easy but even if I slow up I can still mishit the ball.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Discouraged !!
    Bob Jordan

    • Francis,

      I just posted this to another member. Am I going to have to do a tip on this?

      Here is what I said:

      So you are still thinking of hitting the ball instead of thinking about the positions. You need to replace the thought:

      Replace The Thought:

      Go out late a night by yourself with a few extra balls in your pocket. You swing no more than 50% and actually do the positions. DO NOT keep score. DO NOT care about your shot. CARE ABOUT doing the new swing when you play. You need to do this on the course. If you can do it in practice swing you can do it out there too. Right now, you are trying to go out there and play like a pro. So you are hitting hard. You need to at least do the new swing on the course. Once you can do it a few times you can then speed up your body to go up to full speed.

      How To Take Your Swing From The Range To The Course:

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