Advancing Backswing Width – Part 2

By | on December 14, 2016 | 3 Comments | Array


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3 Responses to “Advancing Backswing Width – Part 2”

  1. Looks like this can be done by adapting the “ultimate swing trainer” Paul recommends (see products)….Chops are a great exercise

  2. Yes,this”chopping”exercise CAN been done with the ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER tubing ,except it should not be done slowly ,but fastest possible to develop the “Fast Twitch “muscle fibers and not the “Slow ” ones .
    The Golf Swing needs Speed ,not strength !

    • The chop should be done slow and controlled to increase strength. Once you develop enough strength to do a perfect set of chops with proper technique and zero loss of balance you then can apply speed to the exercise. During your speed training maintain the same discipline for technique.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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