Your Wrists Are Not Wrists

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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

28 Responses to “Your Wrists Are Not Wrists”

  1. Paul:
    If there was a way to measure the speed at which the upper body rotates then a person could tell if their wrists were loose enough. Do you agree?

    • Wesley,

      I don’t know how knowing your body speed would tell you how loose your wrists are. In a pros swing their body rotates at approx. 2.5 mph. Average amateur is 1mph. This is why my swing looks easy yet I hit the ball a long way.

      I did a tip on hip speed here:

      Maybe this will help.

  2. June 11, 2014


    Greetings Paul Thanks im getting there

  3. June 11, 2014


    Hi Paul

    Just letting you know that I played 3 rounds in a tough resort course in Bali last weekend and I played great!!!

    First time my good swings lasted more than half a round since that I tried to modify my swing from an arms only swing to body driven swing about 6 or so months ago.

    I could fee the release of the wrist during the swing exactly as during your favourite release drill. The legs were driving the swing and the arms felt more or less powerless.

    My perceptive playing partner definitely saw the swing improvement and decided to call me his Teacher in the hope that I might impart some golfing wisdom!

    I hope this lasts but I think I reached a point where the new swing feels more natural than my old swing so there is no going back.

    This is thanks mainly to you. I did have some private golf lessons in my local which helped to detect some flaws in my swing but the lessons all confirmed in my mind that your method is the more “natural” one.

    • Paul,

      Very good. This stuff takes time as you know. You are getting it. Just keep doing what you are doing. Once you have done it enough you will do t all the time.

      Be very careful now to not get too excited. Stay relaxed, swing easy. As you gain confidence you can go for more power. If you think you’ve “got it” you don’t. You never “have it.” To many people play a few good rounds and think this. Tiger never said he had it. This is the kiss of death.

      Keep us posted on your progress.

  4. Hi Paul;
    Would you do a video regarding the flat vs bowed wrist. I found mine to be a bit bowed in my backswing which was causing the face to be open starting my downswing. When I made sure it was flat, my thumb is directly under the shaft rather than a little off to the side with a neutral grip. I don’t deliberately roll my wrists at impact, but let it happen naturally when I go thru the impact area. If my wrist is bowed at the top, the face comes thru a little open which causes my shots to go left; lefty golfer. Perhaps others might be having this issue & not realize the cause of the ball moving left or right depending on left or right handed golfer. Thanks.

  5. Paul ,I’m fully aware of the role of the wrists ,and as I swing I say to myself as you do “Hinge/Unhinge ” and “rollover “(You’ve already showed a video on this .
    In parallel,in the course of my physical exercises I train my wrists :”wrist flexion” “,wrist extension “with rubber tubings or light dumbells(5 Lbs ).I also “stretch “my wrists both ways .
    Surely ,”manually “applying (To take your phrasing ) the hinging /unhinging of the wrists helps to speed up the club,or do you let them just go for a ride…
    I played 18 holes yesterday with a low handicap golfer :he hit only with the arms and wrists ,saying that his weak and sore back and his hips (One has been replaced by a prothesis ,and the second one is to follow !)prevented him from coiling .
    He outdrived me on every hole by 30 yards .
    Shouldn’t I bring my arms in play in addition to the fast hip turn you advocate,but then they are no longer “POWERLESS”
    Cruel dilemma !

    • Raymond,

      I would think this person was turning faster, had abetter lag angle, was younger, better contact, faster release etc. etc.

      I could hit the ball a long way too when used to use my arms. They day I stopped hitting with my arms was the day I hit it long and in the fairway.

      Go ahead and start whacking at it. See if it works. Then once you realize you get 10 more yards yet miss 70% of your fairways then don’t make this mistake again.

      • Oh this is so true. Try it…you’ll be back sooner or later 😉 It just takes time Raymond.

  6. I think I am learning Paul. I got my daily tip email and it said. “Your wrists are not wrists.” and the first thing I thought, before I even watch the video is, They are hinges.

    • Chuck,

      Nice. I love it when people read my mind. I get this sneaky feeling some people around here are understanding it. Just got to say it enough I guess. Okay, I’ll keep saying it.

  7. November 9, 2014


    Paul, I watched your back and forth video the other day. In this wrist are hinges video doing the hinge and unhinge wrist drill its ok to do the back and forth move as you demonstrated?

  8. October 3, 2015


    Hi Paul,
    I am doing this drill and I noticed that left wrists gets pain after some time. Also while playing I noticed that my left wrist is tight. Is there something I am doing wrong or the pain gets over with time.



    • October 4, 2015

      Paul Wilson


      Wrist might be a bit sore because they have never hinged and re-hinged like this before. If this keep happening into the future then you would need to get us to check it to see if you are doing anything wrong. I would think they will loosen up. Mine hurt for a while many years ago too. Keep your eye on it and let us know. Be careful and don’t hurt yourself.

  9. May 10, 2018


    Hi Paul, normally I’m pretty good off the tee. It is not uncommon for me to hit 14 out of 14 fairways. In fact 3 rounds ago I was feeling all the positions and hitting tee shots 15 to 20 yards past where I normally land. However, the last two rounds I’ve actually topped two tee shots in each round where the ball just squirts low off the tee for about 50 yards. I can’t ever remember doing that before. I know it is difficult to diagnose without seeing my swing but I was hoping to get your opinion. My thought was I either was losing my extension, looking for the result too soon, not lifting my right heel or a combination of those. I really don’t know what caused it and was looking for some guidance. It’s getting into my head since it happened two rounds in a row. Thanks.

  10. May 10, 2018


    When hinging and unhinging my wrists, sometimes I am “slapping” at the ball, which produces a short fade. Any advice?

  11. Paul, recently I’ve lost a lot a distance on my irons. I hit on a launch monitor and my launch angle was way too high (avg 26 degrees on my 7 iron). Could this be caused by a poor release?

  12. The one problem I am having with hinging the wrist is in keeping my grip on the club stable and not loosening it. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  13. Paul,

    I am a bit confused about the wrists. Is the release something that is consciously done? Or is it involuntary and a natural byproduct of a sound swing with loose wrists and effortless arms?

    Thanks, Mike Barrett

    ps. Love the Body Swing and Ignition Golf. Keep on preaching the truth, which few other instructors are telling us.

    • Mike,

      There are times when I want to you thinking and using your arms. This is when you are working on certain positions or moves. Once you get them you turn them back off and it should still be happening on its own.

      The release is conscious as you are working on it. If you were as loose as I want it would happen on its own but I know you don’t have 5 years to make this happen. I want you to do it now. So I want you do manually train it to happen. In doing so you do it earlier than necessary and get it hooking. Once you can do this you work on body to straighten it out. Wrists = spin. Body = direction.

      Here are the release drills:

      DRILL: 3 Ways To Roll It Over:
      See The Release:
      Roll Around The Stick:
      Clarifying the Roll Over Drill:
      DRILL: Smooth Wrist Release:
      Modified Roll Over Drill:
      Roll Over Drill Span:

      After The Roll Over Drill:

      • Paul,

        Thanks for the lengthy reply. Great as always. I was referring to the wrists while playing. I believe from your answer I will be doing the rollover consciously on the drills but once I get the rollover properly institutionalized into my swing, the rollover should happen involuntarily on its own once my timing is correct. This involuntary rollover should serve to maximize clubhead speed and properly square the face at impact to greatly increase my accuracy. I realize this will take some time.

        • Michael,

          Very good. You are doing something until mastered. I roll it so I don’t have to think about it but I have done this millions of times. Not sure how long it will take you to master but I would think thousands if not tens of thousands of times.

    • Mike,

      Thanks, I am going full force on promo. Sad that so many people are still struggling out there. Sad people are still telling them to hit.

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