It Is An Unmistakable Feeling In Your Legs

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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

25 Responses to “It Is An Unmistakable Feeling In Your Legs”

  1. April 11, 2013


    Thanks for the lesson on March 28. (Aside to Ignition Golf members: I highly recommend a lesson from Paul.) As you recall, most of my full swing lesson consisted of trying to complete my back swing and then finish with the club across the back of my head. Little was focused on my hips and legs, and I understand why. I can do this drill well (to an extent) on the practice tee. When actually playing a real match — not the by-my-self round — should I just focus on just releasing tension and pushing off the big right toe and finishing my swing? Or what?

    Overloaded with swing thoughts.

  2. April 12, 2013



    I have just started to work on your swing positions in my practice sessions. I have a simulator at home that provides me feedback on the degrees of my swing path and degrees of my club face at impact. Can you tell me with your swing positions what the optimal combination of path and face I should be striving for?


    • April 13, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      I have not been on a good enough monitor to get this exact reading. I would think slightly from the inside with the face square but I cannot be sure. I was on one a while back but don’t trust the results. Not sure where there is a good one around here to get the reading. If I get these numbers I will let you know.

  3. April 12, 2013


    Did you not say that, in golf, you do not try to hit anything? You simply coil the upper body in the backswing and uncoil the lower body in the through swing whilst keeping the hands and arms as free of tension as possible. When I do this — and I have just started — I abolutely pure it. I turned 75 today. Will shoot my age this year, God willing! Handicap has gone from 16 to 14 to 12 and now 11. But with this new mental approach, I wonder how low I can go.

  4. April 12, 2013


    Hi Paul When i push off with right foot to start downswing, sometimes i get that initial feeling of upper body tilting back but at least 50% of times i feel my upper body moving forward instead of tilting back is this the over the top feeling. trying all the drills just cant shut the arms off.tried the above drill today but as i said above 50% of time as i push off my upper body goes forward , rather than tilting back.

  5. When you move forward on the thru swing and get the weight on the left leg ,do you straighten the knee at impact with a snap like did TIGER WOODS ,with the cons

    • April 15, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You will not be snapping your leg anywhere near as fast as Tiger so you will not be hurting your knee. The knee will be slightly bent at impact. It should be locked perfectly straight by the time your right arm is parallel to the ground in the through swing. This means you are starting to lock it as soon as you start down. If you start from the top of the backswing as soon as you start down it will be locked at the 3/4 through point. If you wait it will be too bent. This is because from the top to impact is only 1/4 of a second. You cannot lock the leg in 1/4 of a second. You can do so in a little more time which is when this right arms is parallel to the ground. You want to do this to create faster rotational speed in your swing.

      BTW – tiger did not lock his left knee at impact. He locked it at the 3/4 through point. This was show in Golf Digest when they showed a top down view of his swing.

      Hogan’s leg was almost locked at his 3/4 through point. It locks shortly after and into the follow through. Watch:

  6. Great tip Paul. I tried this yesterday and hit some of the best, most consistent shots I’ve hit in a long time. I think it helped in 2 ways. It gave me a very specific focus on how and where to start my downswing, something I’ve struggled with in the past. It also took complete focus off my arms, allowing them to be more relaxed and flow more easily. Can’t wait to continue using this tip.

  7. April 30, 2013


    Hi Paul When you are at the follow through position how hard do you feel your grip on club is on scale 1-10. Do you feel much tension in arms at follow through position. I get the imp there should be a looseness or tension free feeling at follow through position,is this the correct feeling.

  8. Hi Paul Great Drill been working on feeling this sensation in back leg as i plant right toe, finally after 8 months i can feel lower body starting dowswing. 2 practise session and went to course hitting ball staighter than i have ever hit it. Thanks

    • Barry,

      That’s great news. You are definitely working on it so it should be paying off.

  9. Hi Paul, At times, during the downswing, if I straighten my left leg, it almost feels like I’m lifting up from my original position..which is probably not a good thing…may cause topping or hitting the ball thin…Is that possible?

    • Danny,

      The lead leg should be straightening because you are turning NOT because you are jumping up. If you jump up you definitely will top it etc.

      So to get the feeling just throw a few balls overhand out in front of you with a mid iron stance. When you do you will see that you do not jump up you turn. When you turn the lead leg locks and the other comes around and touches it. This is the same move you are doing in the golf swing. So do it a few times and get used to it. Then apply this very same feeling to some practice swings. Get used to that then try it with a ball. Hit it, hold it and check it every time to make sure it is perfect.


      Legs Touching:

      Lean On Club to Touch Legs:

  10. Hi Paul
    Because of my right knee injury (torn meniscus), I find it more comfortable to uncoil by turning the right hip. In this context, could you please explain the differences between turning hip in a barrel and turning the hip diagonally during uncoiling. And, which one of these is in your swing principles. Thank you

    • April 24, 2016

      Paul Wilson


      I don’t want you to think turn in a barrel because the sides on a barrel are curved out. Turn inside a cylinder. This is a better image. I want circular rotation not excessive lateral motion. In other words I want you to turn with as much lateral to keep you within the span of your feet. It’s a turn and a shift. You not have to think about shifting because if you end up on the tip of your back big toe you had to have shifted your weight.

      Here is the correct lower body motion:

      It’s Like A Throwing Motion:

      What I am trying to guard against is too much lateral motion by shifting or bumping the hips to start down. The more you move laterally the more your whole upper body tilts behind the ball. Too much tilt and you will swing too much from the inside resulting in pushes, push fades and duck hooks.

      There Is Lateral Motion In The Downswing:

      How To Check Your Lateral Hip Motion:

      What’s Faster … Turning or Shifting Laterally To Start Your Downswing?:

  11. Good stuff here. I’m a fit and supple 73 year old leftie still hanging on to 9 handicap having played since I was 13 years old.
    Had a Trackman lesson from our local pro and my driver swing speed was around 85/88 mph. Should I just accept that at my age that is as good as it now gets or do you think I could improve on it.
    I am a strong advocate for your methods and have improved my striking enormously over the past 2years.

  12. Paul,

    Maybe this is a dumb question but I notice that you wear shoes that seem to be without cleats. Are these the shoes you wear when playing?


    • James,

      Those are footjoy spikeless. I was wearing Ecco but these ones are good too. They have rubber spikes and yes, those are what I play in.

  13. Hi Paul,
    I have implemented a modified version of your head movement. It keeps me from swaying in the downswing and from lifting up my head at inpact. Can you explain how you coordinate your head movement with your right foot (big toe) pushing off? I have tried to post your head movment but not able to post a picture.
    Thanks Mike Skeels

  14. Paul, there are two simple ways to rencognize the ” UNMISTAKABLE FEELING ”
    The first one ,your gluteus maximus ,your quadriceps and your ” ischiojambiers ” ( In FRENCH) are Sore the DAY after an 18 hole round .
    The second one ( I prefer this one) you are working a ” DAVID vs GOLIATH ) sling over your head ,and not a golf club .
    You can’t ” Rough ” a sling you have to propel it fast …

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