Be a Traffic Light

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  1. Ben, 5 months ago

    Thanks David,
    Now, how do I tell my friend Bill what he is doing to himself and, the rest of the players in the group?
    When he is in green everything is good, when he hits red everything gets into his head. People on the adjacent hole searching for a ball was an example from last time we played.
    Bill is over competitive – longer drive, better shot to the green, all that stuff. One of our other friends can’t resist winding Bill up, it is just so easy.

  2. ERIABBERA, 5 months ago


  3. GeraldJoyce, 5 months ago

    Hi Dave,

    Like your thoughts on the mental side of golf but they ofter leave me with a question. I.e. So I find myself in the red zone while paying easy to identify as I have to keep from throwing my clubs. Question?? What can we do mentally when we find ourselves in the red zone on the course?? Should we walk off??

    Best regards, Gerald Joyce (JJ)

  4. GeraldJoyce, 5 months ago

    Hi Dave,

    I noted some typing errors in my above comment so repeat my question as follows: When I find myself in the red zone while playing which is easy to identify as I often find this zone as I am in the process of changing my swing after 40 years of swinging incorrectly. What can one do mentally when we find ourselves in the red zone on the course? Should we walk off and go back to the range or what?

    Great to have you point out the reconigition of the red zone but you offer no suggestion on getting out of it?

    Gerald Joyce (JJ)

  5. GeraldJoyce, 4 months ago

    Hi Dave,

    Still would like your comments on how to handle one’s self when you enter the red zone. Nothing back so far?


  6. GeraldJoyce, 3 months ago

    Still no answer on how you react when finding yourself in the red zone. Maybe the 3R’s is the answer?.

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