Over the years Paul Wilson has received thousands of testimonials from golfers who have improved their golf games with his products and video golf tips.  Below is a small sample of the most recent ones sent in from actual customers.  Their emails have been removed for privacy.





In my 30 years of frustration I have never experienced a more thorough explanation of the golf game, the summary after each lesson is helpful as well as the Mental Game, I receive a similar one called the Spirit of Golf where it relates golf to life. You program is fairly priced.





Paul you tips have been brilliant, played today and had 16 really good tee shots plus the hybrid off the fairway worked a treat thank you Glenn



Thanks so much for the videos , they are helping and improving my confidence , I enjoy going to the back yard of the driving range working in what you are teaching !!!


Adam R



Hi Mr Paul,

It is certainly an honor to be associated with you. Your tips are certainly very impressive and easy to incorporate. Unfortunately my game has gone for six,since I find difficult to forget my old swing and incorporate the new one based on your tips.

Pl do not misunderstand me there are no flaws in your tips, probably I need more practice.
I am senior citizen over 70. I would request that I would get in touch with you after some time.

I am indeed grateful that in spite of your busy schedule you could spare your valuable time for me.

With regards,
Col Kapoor

Hi Mr Paul,

Thanks a lot for your advice/tips to improve my golf.I am really touched by your humility,positive and helpful attitude which is rather rare to come across these days.It really speaks volumes of your good family background and your excellent upbringing.
May God bless you and grant you success in every venture you undertake.

With regards,
Col Kapoor




Sorry for using this option for sending a note but I needed to let u know about my breakthru.

Tonight i finally got the powerless arms. The 7 iron drill got me going. Eventally I hit about 100 balls with 0 arm input. It was really cool. I found letting loose after impact was the toughest to get. The guy struggling next to me asked how i could hit it so far and accurate with no effort. It was awesome!

Could it really be that easy?





Dear Paul
Thank you for your invitation – I really would love to come over but unfortunately I am unable to do so. I have come to the conclusion that to be successful in this game, yes you have to be able to hit a good ball, but success mainly depends on what goes on between your ears!

For example, I play off 11, but last week I played to 76 and this week I played in a knock out matchplay competition – I won 5 & 4 having played the fourteen holes to one over par! So it can be done, you just have to convince yourself that you can do it. I have now thrown away all my golfing tips from magasines etc and focusing on keeping my eye in and my brain engaged!!

Thank you for all your help in helping me achieve my goals!




Hi Paul and I really hope this is you reading this. I appreciate your email regarding joining ignition golf.

I used to be an avid golfer years ago…never took a lesson and always remained just your average golfer scoring between 100-115 for 18. Now at 58 I picked up the clubs again a few years ago…did take 3 or 4 lessons and am really enjoying being back in the game. And with golf help tips a click away on the internet, I find I was really viewing only your tips on u-tube over and over.

The tips make such good sense and easy to follow. And your home location in Las Vegas doesn’t hurt. Vegas is one of my yearly destinations and one of my big regrets after visiting Vegas all these years is never golfing a round there. Yesterday I golfed 18 at a pretty good course and scored a 108. Pretty average for me and if I could erase all my mishits and 3 puts, I probably would have been at 95-98, which is my goal..to consistently score in the 90′s.

I would be a happy man. Like I said, I watch your lessons over and over and the only way to see if they work is to get out there and practice..practice..practice. There is such a difference practicing on the range vs. teeing up the ball on hole 1.

Everything you’ve practiced seems to vacate your mind and you end up hitting to the right about 50yds!!…been there many times. So..to me..my ultimate golf lesson would be teeing up the ball at Bear’s Best and just before hitting…you or one of your instructors show up and say wait…let me tag along and help.

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent tips on the game and I really try to remember your pointers on the course. I just haven’t decided to join ignition golf yet….not sure if it would help me more than your viewable lessons on u-tube. Thanks again.

Bob C
Orland Park IL



Hi Paul

I happen to live in Morocco so this will have to wait until I am in Las Vegas. I believe that is where you are. I have enjoyed your videos. thanks very much for posting them! you seem to have a knack as a teacher. I wonder why? must be some kind of experience that you had. So I appreciate your the work you have done in creating these videos.

Hope to meet you sometime.

all the best,

Rich H



Hi Paul,

You have given me the best golf tips. I am 72 and have been playing golf without propper training from professional golf instructor like you. However, with your golf tips, I am practicing my swing at home over and over every day. It isn’t easy for a man of my age to change my unorthodox golf swing, but I will not give up. Of course, I need more tips to work on to improve my golf swing, so I can beat my friends when we play together twice a week. I used to live in Vegas long time ago and my AKA (also known as) is Paul. I currently live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thank you very much, Paul Wilson.

Sincerely yours,

Paul P



Thanks Paul some very interesting stuff and well put over.




My handycap to a 5 with your system. Hope to be back
Next 5 6. Months.

Bill N



Hi Paul,

I’ve played golf (the best sport on the planet) for the last 30 years plus here in Scotland the Home of Golf. Over the past 12 months I’ve looked at various Golf Pro’s on You Tube for instruction/tips, some which I found helpful. In doing so came I came across your golf instruction/tips at Ignition Golf.

In my opinion your golf instruction/tips is second to NONE. The golf instruction/tips that you put on You Tube have improved my game big time. As an added bonus I’m now down to a single handicap ( 8 ) from (12 ).

In all my years playing golf the instruction/tips you offer, you explain them fantastically well. I’ve told my friends about your site which they find it fantastic also.Thank you very much for all your hard work you do for putting your instruction/tips on You Tube for the benefit of us golfers.

Kind Regards
Graham M



Hi Paul,
By chance I happened to go through one of your articles “how to cure topping the ball .”.My God I found it so impressive that I am unable to find suitable words to express my appreciation.

Since then I have become your admirer/fan.

Being senior citizen age has become my handicap ,since swing : back as well as forward has become restricted.

Any way I am enjoying the tips being forwarded through e mail.

May God bless you,

Col K



Many Thanks

BTW – Great Instruction!!

Tom V




I have already joined under my personal email account. Pitching and chips have improved dramatically but still struggling to get the full swing converted. I’ll keep working on it.

Todd Z.



Thanks Paul. Got it. Really enjoy your tips as they reinforce the 3 day clinic. Golf swing has improved considerably and hitting it up with the “big boys” in the group.

Has made my retirement and playing golf much more enjoyable…I thank you and hope to see your sometime in the future. There are two of my friends that plan on hooking up with you in the future and I know they will find their experience as beneficial as I did…..




This is really excellent, Paul. Very many thanks.

It helps to understand the ‘why’ of all this, rather than just being told ‘what’ to do. I shall, as we say in England, stick to the knitting and not try to add any extra move or thought.

I have found with your method that for the first time ever, I know what I am supposed to be doing and when I do it, I hit decent and often excellent shots. I still have some horrendously destructive shots, both push/fades and pull/hooks, and my scores have yet to improve, but I am enjoying golf more than ever before and have a sense of progress.

My thanks again and all good luck to you.




Hello Mr. Paul Wilson,

I wish to say that the videos are very explicit and well demonstrated for a proper understanding of the swing movements. I am a senior golfer playing to a H’cap of 9, residing at Chennai, India.

Thanks a lot for providing these wonderful coaching tips.

Hari R



I really thank you for your free tips and lessons I have viewed on the web. I am a senior person who loves to play, just not any good. Same problem as many. I find myself questioning if it is a little late in life to learn this game. My neighbor and I have gone a number of times and practice does not seem to help. Range couple times a month.

Thanks for reading.




Your stuff is really good. I now realize that my problem has not been slicing to the right but actually pushing (blocking) caused by hip slide rather than hip turn. Had a great round last week once I started to focus on making a turn not a slide. I like your way of explaining things. Well done.

Russ W



Firstly, my compliments on your programme; your expertise and sincerity shine through in every session. At age 83 however, my best golfing years are long behind me, any attempted ‘fine tuning’ being of little avail. Your advice on loosening up was greatly appreciated. That much at least I can attempt… Thank you Paul. I wish you every success.

Jack D
Aberdeen, Scotland.



Thank you very much for your tips.

Claudio A



Hi Paul

I am 81, practising using your 10 tips, hoping they will help.
I have very limited time for play and practice, so would be unable to handle all the help you could give if I had unlimited time to benefit.

I would nevertheless like to thank you for the video tips and in anticipation of an improvement.

George H



Thank you. I have been playing golf for 40 years but seem to have forgotten or lost a lot of the basics I learned years ago.

Your You Tube lessons are helpful especially with the goal of having a nice slow swing because I have a tendency to hurry up to hit the ball hard etc. I like your teaching style and demeanor.

I wish you were closer that Las Vegas and I would take a personal lesson if you had the time. For now I am trying to absorb and put into play what you are teaching on You Tube. Thank you again.

Stephen B
Colombia Illinois



Hi Paul

I live between London (UK) and SW Florida (in the winter) and have been determined to improve my game which has always been totally inconsistent. I am in the middle of taking a series of lessons with my Pro here in England which has involved taking me right back to the beginning and building me up from scratch.

I purchased your digital book and the physical hard copy (which I will look forward to getting) because from what I had seen on your website, your ‘teachings’ seemed to be identical to what my pro was telling me. He has been getting me to work on ‘set-up and spine angle’, ‘left shoulder coil’, ‘left hip uncoil’ ‘keep the arms and hands out of it’, ‘take three or four practice swings at knee/hip height’, ‘let the ball get in the way of the swing’ ….. sounds familiar?

So when I stumbled across your website the other day, (after looking for information about the swing plane which I had been getting wrong) and read some of what you were teaching I thought your book would be an excellent ‘aid memoir’ of what I was getting taught by my Pro in my lessons. It is and I have already read the digital copy and believe it to be excellent. Very clear and simple explanations of the movements, drills, and ‘thought keys’ plus very clear diagrams/pictures to compliment the explanations.

So this ‘young 65 year old’ is planning to get back to Florida in October and give his US golfing buddies the shock of their lives when then see me with my new improved mega swing! My goal is to get my grisly 25.6 h/c down to under 18 by the end of the winter and to finally break the dreaded 90 and start shooting in the 80′s …… regularly ….. watch this space!

Many thanks




HI, thank you Paul, I really learnen some thing from you how to hit the driver, I try this when ever I have time, I belive this will work for me, last time I hit 220 yards, your are really good instructor, I will keep watching your video,

good luck.



Hi Paul,

First off I have your full swing video series and the book. I also signed up for ignition golf on line and find the swing tips the best in the business and I’ve bought way too many golf videos.

Now, I want to buy your short game videos.

Thanks again for the great instruction.

Dave Zornes
Elko, NV



I played Donald Ross course at French Lick IN today. Used your favorite drill as my pre-shot routine on every hole. Didn’t score very well – 97 from intermediate tees – but made solid contact all day.

Karl S.



I just finished watching your video on using your lower body to help turn and generate power. Your video has helped so much, I want to say thank you.

Scott R



Hi Paul,
After talking with you I have switched back to a 2-plane swing and am improving dramatically. Thanks for the help!

Best regards,

Randy P



Enjoying and learning all over again love the 3/4 drill. At 64 I can feel what solid Contact feels like.

Michael F



Hi Paul,
I just wanted to send you a quick thank you. This drill really helped me understand how to take the club back properly.

I actually bought your book and full swing dvd’s some years ago and have just recently purchased the short swing series. I never fully understood how to take the club back properly and my scores reflected this.

I’ve read a great deal of golf books without any success and was seriously thinking about giving it up even though I loved the game so much. I would always tell my wife that for how much I practice and read about golf I’m not a very good golfer at all.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I shot my lowest round of my life the other day: 70 on a par 67. Not all my rounds have been that low but I’m now striking the ball the best I ever have. I really enjoy watching your dvd’s over and over as I seem to learn a little more each time.

Thank you again.


Chris B



Dear Mr Wilson,

I recently watched your video ‘Golf Instruction – How To Get That Slow Easy Swing’.

Like many of the videos I watch – have watched – my reaction has often been that these were interesting but I couldn’t identify with them.

But realising my golf swing wasn’t that good I tried your recommendation on my last 2 rounds.
Changing isn’t that easy because a swing is anchored in your mind – but I persevered and the results were noticably very positive – particularly on the second round. ( I went round in 87 – this was real progress for me as have been lucky to get in the high 90′s )

So let me express my sincere thanks.

Stuart D
Leonberg ( Stuttgart )



Dear Paul,

I wish to congratulate you on a superb instructional video series on how to play golf.
Since studying and applying the swing concept that you professionally communicated
over the series I reduced my handicap from 17.2 to 14.5.

I viewed your first video on 22 June 2013. My stableford points in an eight day period i.e. 29 June to 6 July were:39,37,38.In the past I managed to reach a handicap of 12 but over time my handicap oscillated between 13 and 17. My search for consistency was ever ending. I did take some lessons over the years but essentially I am more interested in self-learning/coaching.

As a result I tried many different approaches to the golf swing and playing golf. On and off over the years I attempted to build my swing based on the pendulum principle and met with some success. However sustaining a high level of performance proved elusive.

Your approach provides a framework that instills confidence and the clarity of instruction is outstanding.

The essence of your coaching is captured in your first and second videos covering “Coil in the backswing” and “How to uncoil”.

I believe that the approach you teach is truly excellent and I am confident that I’ll bring my handicap down to twelve and less over the next three months.

I appreciate you making your excellent instruction available.

Wishing you continued success.

Sincere thanks.

Sean D



I have feel my game is better after watch ur tip video.
I try watch ur tip video every days.

Thank u very much



Thanks Paul
I like your approach. I’ve been looking for wars the swing without hurting my back. I’m also trying to regain some lost distance. Hit my 7 about 140. Use to hit it 160. Not sure what changed.

Ed S



Paul, The one best round in my life was at Champions golf Club in Houston .I for some reason was relaxed and trying to emulate Freddy Couples swing and shot a 79.

I am thankful for your golf tips because they really work for this 82 yr. young senior. THEY WORK.




I will be 80yrs young in December of this year, and love the game of Golf!
I live in a retirement community in South Carolina, and play with a group of seniors twice a week.

Until your #9 lesson ” Why seniors lose distance” I rarely broke 100 for 18holes.
I applied your method of lower body turn, and not only increased my driving distance, but I shot a 41 on the front nine, and rain canceled the back nine, but I am eager to get back out.

Before the lesson I drove the ball approx 220yds. After the lesson I have hit the ball a measured 247yds….

Thank You Paul, I will join your lesson club !!!!

Bill Birchfield



Played golf with my two sons and son-in-law yesterday. Eagled 14 Riverside from the blue tees. Driver, 8 iron. Quieted the trash talking young bucks down for awhile.

Gary N.



Hello Paul

Thank you for turning my account back on. Last summer I purchased your swing machine book and followed the instructions and did not read ahead. I am a 73 year old senior golfer and your book and the Video tips have been of great help in improving my game and I have been able to break the 80′s on several occasions I will continue to follow your technique and hope to improve some more.

Best regards
Donald T



I’m going to order your DVDs for sure. I went to the driving range today, and used one of your tips, and I have never hit the ball so consistently. Your tip about standing taller, pointing your chest beyond the ball, and turning the shoulders on a shallower angle immediately improved my ball striking. I am very excited, and can’t wait for my time time tomorrow.

Thank you for an amazing tip that I had never heard before!!!

Steve C



Thank you for your prompt attention to my request.

I have watched many many of your videos and you are my “mentor” for the 2013 golf season. Your videos are presented well and you take difficult concepts and simplify them so the average golfer can understand and easily implement them into their swing and golf game.

I look forward to a successful season of golf in Chicago!






With all that you have going on & the fact that you responded so quickly is amazing……I have been telling my friends about you & your website. I must say you are one incredible guy. Thanks ever so much for all your wonderful help.

Best to you,



paul, I bought your package when you where with revolution golf,still think its the greatest




I really enjoy your teaching methods. Keep up the good work.

SCott P



Hi Paul,

Your way of teaching is the best ever I have seen.

I am 22 handicapper and got really good short game but struggle with long game esp straightness & distance. Your videos are helping but I am wondering how much do you charge for private lessons.

I live in Vancouver but could consider travelling to Vegas if your fees fit in my budget.

Thanks a lot for videos, simply amazing.

Sohan D
Vancouver BC



Hi Paul

Thank you for your Email for Ignition Golf membership offer.

You were the reason I joined Revolution Golf some two years ago, I still have all of your lessons and tips from then which I refer back to all the time as they are the best by far in my opinion, you still continue to be my favourite online instructor of them all.

Revolution Golf is no longer the instruction site I joined, all they do is daily short tips from a variety of different instructors from the Jim Mc Clean Academy with no real meat on the subject. I would attribute my current understanding of the golf swing matters and all of the improvements I have made in my game down to your excellent tuition.

I do recommend you to other golfing friends and I wish you every success with Ignition Golf for the future.


Bernard W



Paul I found that one on your site yesterday. Tried it out yesterday and it worked like a charm.

Thanks again, you seem to have the answer to everything.

Keep up the good work.




Thanks Paul & I want you to know that I am well pleased with my golf swing. Our golfing season in the NW is just now looking good.

I have recommended your web site to several players and I hope they have checked you out.




Dear Paul,

I have been able to access and download the book, full swing and short game videos!!! Thank you so much.

Of course, I can’t help but do a quick preview of much of the material. It looks fantastic.

That being said, I am taking my first two lessons (grip and set up) and working on those. The grip is a challenge because I used a baseball grip previously and have now switched to the overlapping grip based on your recommendation.

We set up a little golf area in our office and every time I “go down the hall” I work on my grip and set up. Sorry…too much information!

You have already contributed to my enjoyment. I love to learn, practice and play. Thank you for your incredible responsiveness and support.

Kind regards,




I’ve enjoyed your videos so much!!! I’m determined to take 20 strokes off my game by your methods!! I’ve changed my grip, posture and most importantly my shoulder/hip turn. I am “learning” to relax and turn my hips/shoulders first and the rest happens :).

I’m plan to do this golf goal my self…meaning self taught. With your video tips, filming self and evaluating my swing with an iPhone app I have already straighten my ball flight out and added distance. I’m attached a photo of my last driver swing today….it’s why I felt I had to write and say THANK YOU!




Hey Paul,

I live up in Canada and we had a long 7 month winter up here and I wasn’t concentrating on Golf. I bought a small momentous club over the winter and just practiced the positions in the back swing and and down swing to pass the time.

Now that Spring is finally here I am hitting the ball really well but sometimes after I hit a poor shot it takes me a couple of shots to get my tempo back and I saw you had a drill about tempo and I wanted to see it. I also like having your site as a go to in the summer time just in case my swing goes south. That is why I am back.

Thanks again,




Hi Paul,

I have been with you since the beginning and am very impressed with your simple to understand style of teaching.

I am on the Board of our local golf club and was wondering if you offer a teaching package that we can add to our club website as a service to our members. Please advise. Thanks.

Bob J



It’s going great – I have just purchased the Swing Machine Golf package and I see already an improvement in my game. Right now I have enough on my plate with the 8 instructional DVDs and the book.

Allan B.



Great – done.

Just a note to you Paul. I was struggling with my swing and a friend suggested I check out youtube. I found your tips there and they have started to work for me right away. (And they are working for my partner who just shot a 78 down from his regular 85+. (In fact I just got a hole-in-one usings your tips -YEA!)

But more than that I am a Canadian snowbird and we live in Vegas from September until April every year. And we live in your neck of the woods Go figure!! Looking forward to meeting you and taking some real life instruction.

Warm Regards
Debra H



Hey Paul,
Just listened to your site intro. Wanted to tell you, I love your work.

Thanks….. You are a breath of fresh air.

Looking forward to more info. from you.

All the best on the new adventure.

Thanks for your help,



Really like what you have to say about the effortless swing and arms at 0 power.






Just a quick note. I bought your book and DVDs late last fall after reviewing/trying your youtube videos. I spent the winter going through the program by swinging in my garage (I live in Maine). I’m an 11 handicap. I’ve played 5 rounds this year. Today I shot a 76; my all time low. Amazing.

Thanks for all you do.

Bob C



Hi Paul,

I’ve found your channel on YouTube and watched most, if not all, of your videos. They are fantastic! I feel like I understand the golf swing so much better after watching.

Thanks again for all your videos, advice, and help!




Hi Paul,

So I just joined as a monthly member, and wanted to let you know I did so because I like the way you teach. I can hear your lessons in my head while I’m playing. You have a very slow and easy to understand breakdown of the golf swing.

So now I look forward to getting more golf tips and getting information on parts of my game I need help with thank you.

Tim H



Hello Paul,

Believe it or not, I have been working in improving my golf swing per Tip #1 and #2. Thank you so much for the 10 tips you forwarded to me. I will move on beyond #2 as soon as I reach a tee distance of 200 yards with fairly good consistency.

I’m 80 years old and earlier this year I experienced my first heart attack (a STENT was implanted in one of my main heart arteries). I have been in recovery mode since January.

Currently, I hit a bucket of 50 range balls 5 times/week, with 100% emphasis on executing tips #1 & #2. Now doubt about it, I’m a slow learner. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to joining Ignition Golf within 3 months. I continue to regain my former strength level.




You are amazing. I really appreciate your response time. I am learning so much and have several friends now using your program. Looking forward to getting better.


Rod T



Hi, Paul!

Thank you for your email and golf tips. I have not suscribed as a full member of Ignition Golf because I have already bought all of your products and lessons while you were at Revolution Golf.

Congratulations for your new site! Really your lessons, which I am still putting to practice (when I have the time for it), have improved my golf game. I am 76 but always with a lot to improve without much effort. And this I achieved solely through your tips and lessons. Thank you very much!

Best regards

Carlos Y



Hi Paul, I just wanted to say that I’m already a full member of Ignitiongolf. I original signed up with my user name screwed up somehow. I have used it wrong for the last 6 months, but it works for me.

And I wanted to say that your teaching videos and books have really worked to improved my golfing. I find your lessons right on and easy to learn when I relax and do what you say and don’t over think it. You have been a great help, after twenty-five years of bad golf, I now enjoy playing again..

Gary D
Tampa Fla.



Thanks Paul-

Love your work and your theory. Will likely enroll for the tips as well.

Best Regards,

John Kitts



I am 75 years old, I have Parkinson’s disease and did not start playing golf until 6 years ago. Your instruction has helped me greatly. My golf buddies can not believe my improvement. You have increased my enjoyment of the game greatly.

Thank you,
Paul M



Hi Paul,

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time and stopping by the chipping area to meet me last Thursday. I am the guy who said I bought your swing machine golf videos through revolution.

I am glad to have found you again on ignition golf.

I do use your videos and drills. They have helped my game in the past and continue to help.

Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Jon R



Hi Paul,

Thank you for your quick response on the payment and for the many tips received

Over the last 9 months. For me it has been a very worthwhile exercise and have learnt and understood the many different aspects of what is involved in creating a good golf swing.

I have recently purchased your book as constant reminder of all the good advice given.

Thank you again to you and all the team.

Best regards

John B



Hi Paul.
You bet I was working had on my grip – I switched back from interlock to overlap and I have foud that it was worth it.

Moreover I worked very hard on my top of backswing – I am 62 years old so this is not that simple for me but again – it was worth it.

And now comes something for You – yesterday, by applying those principles from Your book, I was some 10 shots down.

Thank You very very much:-)

Now I feel, I should work on proper rhytm and timing

Have a nice day



Thanks sir Paul Wilson!

Quang V P




I am working on your technique. I have the 3Bays GSA and I was amazed to see the clubhead speed generated with no effort. At the same time the idea of being relaxed quickly led to being way too long on the backswing. I am working to shorten the swing and stay relaxed.

Russ H



Hey Paul I purchased your on line lessons last fall. I just can’t believe how much my game has improved.

I have taken lessons in the past and I never really had an understanding of how the golf swing really worked until you video lessons. The way you explained how each part of the swing is key to making consistent contact.

It all just made me understand how the swing works. I have been to several PGA tournaments and it just amazed me how smooth those guys are and had that effortless power. Your lessons have opened that elusive door of effortless power. Thanks so much for making the lessons available to everyone.

Tim B

By the way I was a 13 handy cap and with your help right now I’m at a 5 and working toward becoming a scratch golfer.

Thanks again.




I am really thrilled with the way your teaching has, and still is improving my game. It has got to the stage whereby my golf is improving rapidly now after a slow start,and from your excellent video’s every subject is covered in such a way that I have no trouble understanding the principles you teach.

We have had a very hard winter with courses being closed and even last weekend, Easter, the course was still covered in snow. This means from last November until now there has been a lot of practice time lost in preparing for the new season. My practice has been restricted to my own patio and backyard and during rounds on the course when the weather has enabled the course to be open.

But I can now demonstrate through my improved scores over the last few rounds that the Ignition Golf coaching really does work. It feels good,it certainly looks good and the rotational element in the golf swing with powerless arms has enabled me to play the best golf in a long career of amateur golf.

My golfing friends know about my coach in Las Vegas and I will certainly pass on to them the details of where to find Ignition Golf. When I win the Club Championship they will come knocking on my door!!

I have rambled on too much Paul but I am really excited about my game these days, and being able to download video tips to my ipod has been a wonderful experience in learning as opposed to a lesson with a pro once or twice a year. Thank you once again Paul.

Unfortunately I have to have an hernia operation in a weeks time, so the start of my golfing season will not be starting with the Masters (my op is day 1 of Augusta) as it normally does, but about the end of May. Plenty of video’s to watch though.

Kind Regards

Alan F



Hi Paul,

Thanks for the message and I haven’t seen all the videos yet so I haven’t seen how much it costs to join. I bought Swing Machine Golf about a year ago after seeing you on Revolution Golf. I am certainly playing more consistently but I need more distance off the tee. I have played 16 rounds so far this year and have only lost one ball so I am keeping in play.

I do hope to follow you as what you say and teach seems to make sense.

All the best,

Peter G



Yes Paul the last week has been very busy here. I just have a few question. Well, first I want to say I like the way you teach it is so esy to understand what you are trying to tell all us golfers.




I wondered how Paul disappeared from Revolution golf. The people who either bought or pushed you out made it into a sales pitch. I am glad I found your site again.

Peter A



Paul, thank you for your advice on zero arms. I am a low handicap golfer but had lost the feel of pure impact and some distance over the last few years . I have a buddy, a former PGA tour pro, and have played my last ten rounds of golf with him exclusively . These guys just play a different game, and I didn’t know why.

I tried the zero arms idea at the range, and after ONE ball, it’s a whole new ball game.
Compression, proper divots, penetrating flight, distance!!!

The one thing is, zero means zero, super light grip, absolutely no tension during the swing in the arms or wrists. Full wet noodle feel in the forearms. Lag has returned without trying to create lag.

I asked my pro buddy what he feels at address in the hands and arms, and he said nothing, I feel nothing, total relaxation , they are just hanging there like loose ropes.

Thanks again,
Don F Jr.



Dear paul,

I am extremely fan of ur video on youtube.




Hi Paul.

I’m continuing to enjoy and benefit from your Ignition Golf site. Hopefully it is turning out to be as successful as it deserves to be.

Clearly my knowledge of the golf swing is measured in thimbles. So please keep the great tips coming. They’ve been a great help.

Thank you.

Mike M



Wow! A reply within minutes. Thank you! I know you are a busy man so this is impressive. I’m telling everyone I know about you and your service.

I live in Ohio so for now I’m practicing in my house. As soon as the weather breaks…off to the range. I know that you will make a difference in my game.




Thank you so much! I was expecting a hard time. I appreciate your customer service. I do enjoy watching and listening to Paul and I hope to see him in October if he is there.

My daughter is getting married in Las Vegas in October and I told her that I was going to play golf at Paul’s course since I was there. Again, thanks for the help!

Ron R



Hello Paul:

I was skeptical about using the shoulders only as I wanted to rotate my hips. I finally stop fighting your advice and now coil biomechanically/kinesthetically over my back foot. I coil with my front shoulder which leads to rotation of my plelvis around my spine. Yes the loose arms and wrists are important advice.

The finish of the knees touching on the follow-thru and the club virtually touching the neck are important bench marks too. You style is friendly, personal and unrushed. You answer questions with previous links of lessons. Thank you.


Michael B




My game’s progress is on a growth trajectory after seeing your videos!

Wanted to give back to you (a bit) for the benefit !

Would like to get some more tips on the short game..





Hi Paul

I have been following your tips religiously for more than a year now and it is paying off handsomely with the long game. I have gained length, precision and consistency, which has brought down my handicap to somewhere in the mid 80s now. I also put well, so both ends work well for me. The problem I encounter is in chipping and pitching. There the consistency is as it was before I started to work with your method, despite following your tips, including the recorded classes on Revolution.

David W




I am enjoying your tips and my game is gradually improving.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,
Tom S



Dear Paul,
Thank you very much for lesson and your instructions.
I am now 55 years old and I’ve just to play golf for 7 months ago. I’ve looked in the internet many video clip of many instructors as Leadbetter, Shawn Clement … and you. But I see your method is more easy with my old. So I would like to express my thanks for your lession and I will try my best to follow your exercises. I hope to continue receiving your lessions.

All the best to you, my instrutor.



I hope to meet you in person someday. I can’t tell you how much you have helped me. Starting golf at 46 was the best thing I ever did.

Britt H



Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply. I will practise as per your instructions.
Also introduced your website to a few golfing friends. They tried your methods & found some good results.





I hope you are well.

Firstly I have to say a big thanks. I have tried a variety of lessons etc
and have never had any consistency in the past. The image of the swing
machine and swinging through to the follow through has transformed my golf
and I have dropped 10 stokes by my third round and it would be quite a bit
lower if I didn’t have the odd mishit. I have signed up for the member
section as an extra thanks.

Thanks one again you are doing a great job.

Paul C



Hello again,

I have the hard copy work book and two videos (DVD’s). I am enjoying them. You won’t show them on my list of item’s because my wife got them for me as a gift.


Rod T



Dear Mr Wilson,

I have just watched the video – How to Feel the Legs in the Downswing.


Why? Well I have been sort of dragging my right foot along the ground which results in a poor turn of the hips and causing very poor results.

With your tip of the second ball as the target for your right knee makes a very clear action to follow.

When I’m next on the driving range I’ll be combining this with your other tip of making relaxed shots at the ball.

I’ll let you know how things work out.

Best regards

Stuart D
Leonberg ( near Stuttgart )



Hi Paul,

I want to reiterate how wonderful I think your presentation of your swing tips is. I’ve been a subscriber for a month or two. I have not had a great deal of time to implement them in practice, but am totally convinced that within a year, and probably much less, I will cut my handicap in half.

Thanks for everything,

Len K



Hey, love the way Paul teaches the game. Was a Revolution Golf member until Paul left them. Found Igniton Golf and am a happy camper again.


Jim M



I originally bought over a year ago and it was great. I went from a10 to a 3. Then everything changed and all sorts of different instructors came in. I don’t know what happened but I’m glad it is changing back. I probably recommended you to 15 to 20 people.

Glenn T



Paul, i have to get my husband out of the office to come and enjoy some great lessons. You truly are the best. Do you want me to put you up on my Facebook?

Sent from my iPad

Lynn S



Paul I have been a student of yours for 5 or 6 years at least and maybe more. I bought your Swing Machine original book and all of your DVD’s that went with the book. I was with you way before you tried to get the Golf Channel instructor position. I even had my friends vote for you. I know you made the finnaly cut, but they missed out by not hiring you.

My question is there any way I can watch the videos from my computer without putting them in my DVD player?

Randy M



Hello Mr. Wilson,

I’m Jose Ballesteros, from Puerto Rico (I’m related to the later Seve Ballesteros, so when I took golf lessons, the expectations were a little high for everyone). Yet, my golf swing was very inconsistent and very far from accurate, so I got to this road block were I had no idea on how to improve my swing and got very frustrated.

I found about your golf training videos on YouTube. I stumbled across many, many instruction videos before and none of them had the effect yours had. I can’t explain how much I improved my swing just by letting my arm loose, applying lag and touching both legs together. The difference is unbelievable! And I’m not taking about going over and over to the range and applying your technique. I’m taking about an instant improvement! Last time I went to the range, out of 50 balls, I can proudly say 35-40 were amazing shots, thanks to you! (Those were iron shots, I still need to work on my driver because when I was taught, we never got to it).

I have a friend who plays very, very good and he was in shock about how much I improved my game just by following your tips! (Actually, all my golf buddies were in awe!). At the range my friend and I were both hitting balls at the same time, using the same iron, and both balls were practically flying together in unison next to each other!

I know you must be very busy, but I just wanted to thank you for improving my swing! I really can’t thank you enough!


Jose Ballesteros



Hi Paul,

Because of your video instruction (on Revolution Golf), I had my best year of golf in 2011. I was striking the ball dramatically better! Unfortunately, last year (2012) I wasn’t able to connect with the golf ball nearly as well despite feeling like I was swinging the club as I had the previous year. I’m sure my lack of confidence and negative thinking didn’t help matters. I also tried to re-find my swing by following some of your tips on what to do when you lose it, but my attempts were unsuccessful.

My question is, do you know (and recommend) a teaching pro in the Denver, CO area, where I live, who teaches your method? I’d appreciate working directly with someone who could help me develop a repeatable swing that employs your principles (arms are powerless, lower body generates swing power, etc.).

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

Karen F




Thanks for assistance. Also want to express my thanks for your wonderful web site and time and effort creating all the great instruction videos and your method of teaching.

At 60 years of age, I’m just beginning my golf experience and have found your site the most beneficial for helping me hit the ball better and more consistently.




Mr. Wilson

I watch all your videos and think I have a firm grasp on your teaching and love it.

I was hoping if you could explain to me what this teacher is trying to teach with this bump move? I am pretty sure in a video of yours you talk about how bad this bump can be for the swing?


Casey T.



Hello Paul,

I appreciate your techniques and web site and have introduced some of my more accomplished friends to your web lessons.

I am 62 and have been playing fairly regularly for over 30 years. I’m an 11 index with much better potential. I had a series with Jack grout back in the early 80′s. I have been working with golftec’s instant replay monitors, not having lessons there, and have determined I have a swing plane problem and wondered if I sent you a couple videos and or a still of my key flaw, if you’d give me an evaluation for your fee?

The majority of my mechanics are pretty good actually but in a nut shell, when I get just past position one and on perfect plane, my next move is the shaft going vertical above plane at an ugly angle. No matter what I try other than super slow motion while watching the monitor , this continues to occur.

Thanks for your time and considering my request.

Vern F
Naples, Fla.




one of my new roommates told me that his dad has been following your system for some time and loves it.




Paul, Just to let you know…I always enjoyed your tips on revolution and then somehow you were no longer present. I am glad I was able to track you down. I wish you all the best and I hope to make it out to LV and play your course. Thanks for all the help in making golf a more enjoyable game!!!!

Jim K



Thank you for u tube. I am 63 and started playing 8 months ago.your u tube video on driver push was superb.




Thanks, using the site has really helped my golf swing.

If I’m ever in Vegas I’ll come for a lesson.

All the best,

Peter H – from London



Paul, hope u had a nice Holiday! I sure enjoy learning from u!!! Thank you

Robert K



Hi Paul

Just bought the short game and have a complaint, why didn’t you tell me about it earlier – it’s brilliant and I’ve only covered the pitching!

Seriously with all the short game swing tips I thought I had it cracked – hell I did this is good news. I suppose in hindsight it was better to have the full swing first, but I really wasn’t going to invest in the other, but now I realise that would have been a BIG mistake.

OK so another golfing story. The other day I was drawn to play with the Captain (small club we all know each other well) blustery conditions and I bang a nice 6 iron down on the green. Retort came that was a proper golf shot are you having lessons?

Oh yes I have a personal trainer, who is he, do I know him, is he local, where’s he based, well Las Vegas actually. He thought I was taking the piss (sorry making a joke) and wouldn’t talk to me for the next three holes. So the story is you don’t have to have Barack or Tiger on your books to be famous!





Hi Paul,

Thanks for the assistance to get me access to your web site again. Just a quick word to tell you how much your site and method of instruction has helped to improve my golf swing.

I’m just a beginner, played my first round of 18 holes on my 60th birthday last September, really struggling with trying to hit the ball with my upper body and not the lower body. Now looking forward to Spring/Summer to play lots of golf using your swing methods and tips.

Thanks again,

Michael G



Dear Sirs
I have seen many interesting and useful golf videos by Paul Wilson. They have helped me to improve my golf because I understood for the first time some fundamentals that nobody explained me before. I thank Paul for that.

Best regards from Valencia, Spain

Juanjo M.



Thanks for getting back to me, Paul.

I’ll keep practicing on my own for a while and, if I run into trouble, I’ll see whether I can get a video made. I don’t have a digital video camera, just an 8mm one which I haven’t used in a long time but maybe there’s some way I can get one made if I need one. Your videos actually make it pretty easy to self-teach. I’ll check out Ignition Golf, too.

I somehow get the feeling that you don’t expect to be in New York any time soon but, if you should be, I’d be honored to have a lesson with you. I’m 63, didn’t touch a golf club from ages 17 to 47, and very much enjoying the progress I’ve been making since discovering your videos. I’ve realized for some time that I haven’t been turning my body enough in my swing – your “touch the legs” technique really makes sense to me and I’ve felt an effortless increase in distance (at times) as a result.

Best wishes.

-Steve H



Thanks Paul, I will work on these drills and see you in the spring.
Again, I really like the lessons.



Hi Paul:
Hope all’s going well for you with “Ignition Golf”. You deserve it!

Just a commentary about your Swing Machine Golf swing: A couple of days ago I went out to play golf, layered in at least 4 outer garments as the temperature was in the 30’s. I thought to myself that I wouldn’t be able to take much of a swing with all of those clothes on! Well, I surprised myself and hit the ball straighter and farther than usual.

As the game progressed, I started shedding outer garments with sun’s warming, and lo and behold, my swing became too “army” and I started spraying the ball around. It took me a while to realize that I was swinging too much with my arms, now that they were relatively free of clothing, and not enough hip rotation. Amazing, isn’t it. I was primarily using hip rotation to get power with the jackets on, and arm strength with the jackets off. What a difference it was for me.

You might be able to use this example in one of your classes, as it’s a classic support for what you teach!

Best regards,
Bill M



Hi Paul,

Very interesting videos on tempo and topping fairway woods. Are you ever in Florida or on East Coast? I’m never outside of the East Coast so wondering for some personal instruction. I’ve been playing since I was 12 … used to be a 3-4 and now about an 8. Only trouble is between the ears on fairway shots. Anyway, hope you can recommend.


Randy W



You ROCK!!!

You are fantastic — you got my hips going. I hit some shots today that I’ve never hit in my life. I love your videos which I found on You Tube.

Dhruv K, FORMER pull-hook maestro



Thanks Paul. I love your golf techniques! I will work on this until I get it! Your golf system is the best and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Next year, I will take a couple days off and get private lessons from you,

Have a great thanksgiving,

Jennifer B



Dear Paul,

I want to thank you for all the help you are giving me. You have been the most wonderful coach! I have had golf lessons all my life but no one has managed to simplify things the way that you do.

I have seen most of your videos and they really are marvellous and I think that you should receive a medal for all your kindness and good work.

If you are ever in Dubai please let me know as I would love to have a lesson or two!

Best wishes

Liz H



So far, in 4 rounds with this new swing thought, I have snap hooked the ball once. I have played twice since then and I am usually either in the fairway or just in the rough. Usually when I am in the rough it is because I didn’t fully turn off the arms and hands…I can feel it now and I always know if it’s going to be in the right rough or left rough.

I feel like a real golfer now. I am able plot my way around the course because I can rely on my swing. I remember before when I was inconsistent always feeling stress on the tee box…now I feel confidence! Now when I hit a good tee shot, there is no fear about not being able to repeat it. I can choose to turn on the power by rehearsing a faster hip turn…you can hear the club whipping through the air.

I can also hit a slight fade now when the situation calls for it by moving the ball back in my stance about 1 inch…it’s probably more of a push, but it is very reliable.

I can’t thank you enough for the Swing Machine DVDs…I am hoping to compete in some events over the next couple of years…I always said I would if I could just develop a consistent swing.

I was experimenting with turning off the hands and arms in the short game as well (the thought is to allow the club to fall on to the ball) and I have noticed that I am getting up and down a lot more. Previously I was getting up and down 1 out of every 4 chances. The last 2 rounds, I was getting up and down 2 out of every 3 chances.

Sorry for the long post…:)

Take Care

Tom M


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