Stretch The Hip


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Jeremy Klinkhamer

5 Responses to “Stretch The Hip”

  1. August 7, 2014


    Have not seen that second stretch before, thanks!

  2. August 10, 2014


    Hi Jeremy,

    I work the range a lot then play and go back to the range. The gluteus are fine as I work them every other day at the gym per your neat instructions.

    But I end up each day with sore upper back and as I turn over during the night I get a spasm in the upper back as it gets tight when I sleep. In the morning it hurts when I stand up and walk! It takes about one hour to relax and stops hurting and does not hurt on the range or course until the end of the day when it starts again. Seems to be chronic and recovery time is extending?

    Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Gerald a.k.a. Jay Jay

    • Hi Jay Jay,

      Sorry to hear about your back pain. I would suggest light stretches, i.e. “cats and dogs”, cervical side bending, thoracic side bending, side lying rotation (I’m covering a large area because I’m not exactly sure where your pain is)… follow that up with 15 minutes of ice for anti-inflammatory purposes. This may keep the muscle calm through the night. Before you get out of bed I would attempt similar stretches. At the gym, concentrate on postural exercises. Poor posture involving the neck, shoulders and mid-back can lead to abnormal stress and strain similar to the type you describe.

      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. August 11, 2014


    Thanks Jeremy,

    Will add your suggestions to my every other day gym workout. I do 20 cats & dogs, 10 cervical side bending both sides 12 each of your lying rotation drills so will continue them and Add the ice and stretching before I get up and will check my posture as we tend to bend over as we get older might be the exact thing to check out.

    Good work keep it up.

    Best regards, Jay Jay

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