Power – Stay Loose For More Power

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  1. mikeplummer, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,
    How true, I have those shots that draw, go long and the guys I’m playing with say “where did that come from?” Well now I know and will have to work harder at relaxing and letting the club do the work. I know it won’t be easy but the result will be easy to enjoy!
    Thanks Mike

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Mike, it is tough to stay relaxed because everyone is going against human nature. You just have to see these shots numerous times when you are loose and you will accept this is the way to swing. Until then you it will be a constant battle. Stay loose!

  2. jimmarlow, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    I am retired and fortunate to be able to practice or play almost daily and have been making slow but steady progress on getting my “hitting the ball swing” to be more like my effortless practice swing. What I have strarted to notice is that with my practice swing i feel my hands/wrists begin to gradually roll over/closing the clubface from the beginning of my downswing and continuing evenly through and past impact, whereas when hitting the ball, the tension of getting ready to “hit” prevents that natural action. Should I try to recreate that move? Do you recommend using any swing thoughts to get the right hand to rollover my left during the swing or does this need to happen without conscious effort if everything is loose enough? I do your anti-slice practice swing drill before I hit the ball and that helps some.
    The good news is that I have found some additional distance and better ball flight on my shots when that hand action is incorporated into my swing.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Jim, You should be constantly and consistently rolling the wrists over earlier than necessary. This will train them to release the club. If you are trying to do it the exact amount you will go right back to having the face open when you are swinging. So you are over-doing it until you rarely ever put slice spin on it. At this point you don’t have to think about rolling it over anymore. Now, you simply change the thought to using the lower body to hit the ball. If you do the hook will disappear and you will start to hit it dead straight.


      Manually Square the Clubface: http://ignitiongolf.com/impact-squaring-clubface

      Manually Square the Clubface (Follow Up): http://ignitiongolf.com/impact-squaring-face-follow-up

  3. HermanKoh, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    Would like to clarify with you, what are the factors that contribute to club head speed? (ie. lag, wrist, weight, shaft, height etc.) Was watching the Deutche Bank Championship, Tiger was clocked at 120mph, Dustin Johnson 123mph and Bubba 124mph. Thanks.

  4. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    On this video you say that your grip pressure should be about 2/10.
    When my grip is nice and loose i find it more difficult to hinge my wrists fully at the top of my backswing and my hands feel as if they are losing contact with the grip and the club feels too loose.
    BUT if my grip is firm (not tight) i can fully hinge my wrists!
    Which is correct?


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      The grip should be loose at address. This is so you don’t tighten your arms. 2 out of 10 at address. Work on it. If you have to be tighter at first do so then owrk on relaxing it.

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