From: Paul Wilson

Winter Is The BEST Time To Work On Your Swing

Just a quick note today reminding you that winter is the best time to practice your golf swing.  Why winter?  Because you can work on your swing throughout the next few months and have a great swing when you start your next season!


Just follow the tips and feedback I associate with each swing position I teach.  Do 25-50 nightly practice swings at home looking for this feedback to tell you that you're doing it right.  If there's no ball in front of you you're not thinking about hitting hitting it so you can clearly think about your movement and building a great swing for next season.

Don't Forget

To help with your winter practice, we have 2 highly recommended training aids available on this site:


1.  Ultimate Swing Trainer

This will allow you to develop more lag, faster hip speed and stop coming over the top.  Find out more here


2.  Momentus Traveler

This shorter club will allow you to do practice swings at home in your living room or you can even take it with you when you travel. Find out more here



Developing a great swing is about effort.  Don't look at winter as a time when you hang up the clubs.  Instead, this is the time you are going to be building your swing.