Pro Versus Am – First 45 Degrees

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  1. JimMerwin, 3 months ago


    Hi, Paul.

    That is a fabulous tip and great set of drills to learn what I think is the key to distance and accuracy in the golf swing: starting the downswing by turning your hips while delaying the turn of your shoulders. Thank you!!


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


      Yes, this is huge yet no one talks about it. No wonder people are not improving. They are not working on very important elements in the swing. I think people here are getting the picture.

  2. DOUGTANZER, 3 months ago


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


      We had a distortion issue. Found out when I got home. Nothing I can do about it. I editing that one for 4 hours trying to make it better. This is on about 6 tips. After that it will not occur. Just turn your speakers down a little.

  3. JaySchwarz, 3 months ago


    On your downswing, do you feel a lot of connection between your arms and chest? It seems that without some connection the arms could come down with excess variation.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


      There is connection there but in no way am I thinking about it. I am totally thinking about the leg drive and not trying to hit the ball in any way with my arms. I think you are fine in this area. Just don’t jam them too much into your body as you come down.

      • JaySchwarz, 3 months ago

        I’m totally thinking about hitting the ball with the leg trigger, but I’m thinking that I sometimes lose connection at the top. When this happens, it seems like the club can go anywhere. When I feel connected, it seems a lot easier to torque up on the backswing, and then let the lower body sling everything through to a good finish. That seems to keep the club on plan, and naturally takes a full divot.

        On the wrong track?


        • Paul Wilson

          Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


          Sounds good. I really can’t see you becoming disconnected at the top. Your swing is shorter. Longer swingers would run the risk of this not shorter backswings. Feel connected but not too connected otherwise you will take it too deep inside.

  4. MichaelGeist, 3 months ago


    I have a question about the weight shift from right leg to left leg since there is a slight weight increase on the right leg at top of back swing. Does this happen at same time as the initial hip rotation? Does rotating the hips the first 45 degrees include the weight transfer to left leg or is it two moves done at the same time?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


      He weight shift is gradual not immediate into this left leg. If you immediately shift left you will tilt your body left thus coming over the top.

      I am never thinking about shifting my weight. I am thinking about turning knowing full well the shift will occur i I end up in the “Touch the Legs” position and on the very tip of my back toe.

      As I have said in the past, o get the feeling just throw some ball s overhand out in front of you. This is the same shift and turn you would do in a golf swing. When throwing a ball you would not immediately shift left. If you did you would be the worst thrower in the world.


      It’s Like A Throwing Motion:

      Weight Distribution:

      The first 45 degree move would see the weight going from 80/20 at the top to 70/30 still on the back foot. Remember, this is a millisecond in time to go from the top to this position.

  5. JasonBost, 3 months ago


    I travel a lot so i bought the momentus traveler training club. Worked out with it for a few days and then went and played. The first few holes i was a machine, the muscle memory took over and it felt great. well that soon went away and the fourth hole and on i pull hooked every tee shot and almost all my approaches. Ive been following you for quite some time so i know the deal. Am i using the trainer club wrong? Ive been grinding on your teachings for quite a while and i feel like i just lost all of it with this club..I was working to low 80s, and now i cant break 100. any ideas?

  6. JasonBost, 3 months ago

    Thanks for the speedy reply. Anything in the works as far as watching you play a few holes and show us how you approach the holes in real time? like a playing lessons from the pros kind of thing?

  7. HarveyKirk, 3 months ago

    Paul when taking your club to the top of the backswing is there anything we can do to prevent one from cupping the forward wrist before starting the downswing? I hit some balls indoors today and I found myself cupping my left wrist at the top.Todays tip is one I will work on to help get my hips moving back to the ball like the pros. This is a great drill for the travel club. Thank you.

  8. RaymondCHASTEL, 3 months ago

    This video is one OF THE Basic moves Paul teaches :it does work wonderfully (For me )
    I train daily on this move with THE tubings (2 or 3 ) OF MIKE BAUMAN (THE ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER ,device recommendedby by PAUL ).
    You dévelop huge power in doing so .
    Also THE shift OF THE Weight from THE right leg to THE left leg at THE end OF THE thruswing is most important ,95 % OF your Weight should be on THE left leg at THE en OF THE through swing .
    Paul is THE best living teacher!

  9. LottaLiljegren, 3 months ago

    Hi Paul!
    When I right now here in my living room tried this drill I suddenly realized that I have tendency to slide when I try to turn (or even think I´m turning).I felt like I could master the movement by by tightening the muscles in the legs and also tightening my core to get control as I do it. Tnx for getting my attention to it….I will keep my living room . We still have a couple of months before it´s golf season here in Sweden :(
    It´s frustrating to not be able to test if some of the living room training is doing any good! But in time I will see….

    I try to follow Jeremy’s workout and appreciate his tips very much!! I really think that the core and balance training helps to get the swing more in control and as I have some issues with my back I really think it helps!!

    Thanks again / Lotta

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 months ago


      You should be watching yourself in a mirror and focus on the positions as well as the feedback I provide. If you look great at setup, at the top and in the follow through you will have a great swing.

  10. GeraldJoyce, 3 months ago

    Hey Paul,

    Boy this is where I am now!

    I can do it on the range with a mirror but on the course I revert back to starting down with upper body.

    Hitting about 200 balls a day but it only transfers about one out three swings so I go from pro to amature during every round.

    Wonder if I should place my left leg more forward as I can not touch with my right knee.

    Best regards, JJ

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