Powerless Arms Test

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  1. JasonBost, 2 months ago

    “….you’ll just sit there whackin away at it, and, you’ll never improve.”

    This quote needs to be in everyone’s head before every round/practice session.

    • JasonBost, 2 months ago

      PS, i was just thinking, would you support taking the focus off your arms by starting the back swing by thinking of your left shoulder coiling to the right side and then trigger the hips and touch the legs position? This would make only two thoughts: shoulder coiled to the right side ( which would load the weight to the right side) and then belt buckle to the target. thoughts?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      Someone is listening to me … I like it!

  2. HermanKoh, 2 months ago

    Hi Paul,

    Would it be possible in the future, to do a tip where you hit your driver and it actually show that you carry the ball 270 yards. This would further drive home your point that you don’t have to kill the ball or rather powerless arms really work!!!

    I am sure a lot of your subscribers would be in owe…….

    Thank you.

  3. RichardLong, 2 months ago

    Coach I get it. Can you run a tip on the actual release of the wrists? One has to maintain a flat left wrist at contact with forward lean of shaft on iron shots. But can you go over the hinging release so as to not confuse it with a flipping of wrists? I have seen so many tips that wrist hinge is always up and down and not side to side(flipping) that it would help to see your tip in slow motion accentuating the wrist release? As always great job.

  4. GeraldJoyce, 2 months ago

    Hey Paul,l

    This is just what I needed at the point of my attempt to learn the correct after 40 years coming over the top and hitting at the ball.

    Couple this with your 3:1 swings on the practice tee and wow you can actually feel and see the increase in distance.

    As I swing downward and out toward the target the unhinging of my wrists happens so fast I cannot see or feel this section. Is there a drill whereby I can set the backswing with my left shoulder and to a position maybe half way back where I can swing back and get more feel of the unhinging? Maybe this is to much to think about and I should just trust that it is happening.

    Great work keep it up.

    Best regards Gerald (JJ) Joyce

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      It’s a different way to swing for sure. Now you understand it you just have to get used to it. Keep focused on doing practice swings working on the swing positions and trying to make them perfect. As your swing gets better so will your shots.

      You should be doing this drill:

      Lag And Release Drill: http://ignitiongolf.com/lag-release-drill

  5. DavidAnderson, 1 month ago

    This is the best tip ever. Thx Paul.

  6. TonyRaftis, 3 weeks ago

    Been Playing golf for 10 years with a 10 year break (7 handicap previously ) , just getting back to it . Looking over internet for refreshers . Without doubt Paul’s instruction is a stand out. The Powerless Arms video had me enthralled , I have never seen such a great explanation of the swing . Just signed up today , will definitely continue. Many Thanks

  7. TonyRaftis, 3 weeks ago

    Reminds me of something I heard many years ago, not sure where , but definitely applies her… “Effortless Power, not Powerless Effort”

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 weeks ago


      If you see a pro hit a ball with what appears to be an effortless swing why would you want to swing real hard at it? Everyone should be trying to swing easy. Hopefully everyone here is trying to work on it. It’s incredible once you get it.

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