Power: How Teeing The Ball Affects Power

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  1. mikeplummer, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,
    Thank you for the explanation of why I have been teeing the ball so low. It makes perfect sense as you explain it although I did not see it at the time. I am afraid there is still a bit of arms with my driver, as I have skied a few as I followed your previous tips on teeing up the ball. I think I also take the driver back a little too high in the backswing which seems to aid the poor angle of attack. I’m going to slow down my coil and make sure I am taking a one piece take away to keep the club on a better plane angle. Of course all is lost if my arms take-over. I am still a work-in progress !
    Thanks, Mike

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Mike, If you are skying you are getting ahead of it. There is no way you should be hitting this shot. Just work on staying behind it. If you do it is impossible to sky it.

      The backswing length should be based on your shoulder coil. Once you feel the tightness you are at the top. Most people don’t get the tightness so the arm just keep going. Do tonight’s drill. This will show you the tightness.

  2. GaryBrace, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,
    I use a brush tee which gives me a consistent height. What are your thoughts on using a brush tee.
    Great talking with you yesterday.

    Gary Brace

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Gary, Brush tees are fine if they are the right height. Just make sure half of the ball is above the face and watch your ball flight.

  3. CharlesKehoe, 1 year ago

    I see so many people not using a tee on shorter shots such as par threes. What do you suggest if you are generally a “sweeper” rather than a golfer who takes a big divot?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Charles, You definitely want to use a tee if you can regardless of your swing. When the ball is teeing up you reduce the amount of grass getting between the clubface and ball thus creating more backspin. So just tee it up just above grass level and you will be fine.

  4. JoeWalker, 1 year ago


    Where is the the ball position when teeing irons 3 through wedge?
    Thank you in advance…

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