Where The Power Comes From In The Golf Swing

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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

13 Responses to “Where The Power Comes From In The Golf Swing”

  1. September 11, 2012


    Hi Paul,
    I left an earlier message about my ability to get to my left side in the downswing. I have a physical handicap in that I have a steel pin in my left leg and a fractured hip where my left leg is turned out aproximately 45 degrees. When I try to touch my right leg to my left in the downswing I tend to lose my balance and fall back. Do you have any suggestions/drills that I could practice get the feeling that you describe? By-the-way I am 69 and don’t have the flexiblilty I once had.

    Thank You

    • Paul Wilson

      September 12, 2012

      Paul Wilson


      I must have overlooked this message. I cannot find it.

      I shot a tip on this which I will be posting shortly. If you cannot touch the legs physically then you cannot touch the legs. What you must be doing is focusing on turning the hips to hit the shot. When you do you can still generate substantial power. Focus there and the looseness of the wrists. When you don’t turn all the way through though you will tend to push the ball. So you either have to aim left or work on releasing your wrists so the ball draws back on target.

      So focus on your hips in the downswing. Use the turning of your belt buckle as your trigger. This should do the trick. Also, keep your eye open for the tip. I should be posting it next week. Then you will see me do it with minimal hip turn. This should give you confidence that you can still hit the ball well enough to play some good golf.

  2. December 21, 2013


    Great tip Paul. My question is with regards to firing the hips and impact. Do you feel any tightening in your butt cheeks as you are touching your legs together? I am still not sure I am feeling what I should in my lower body at/after impact other than my knees touching or do you not worry about your gluts? Hope what I am asking is clear.

    • Paul Wilson

      December 24, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      No I do not feel and butt tightening. I feel a driving sensation from the right big toe, calf and right butt check but is more that I have used the muscles not a tightening. A radiating would be a better term. Just focus on using the trigger you want to use getting you to the ending point of the legs perfectly touching.

  3. December 21, 2013


    Can you do a video on how the knees, especially the left (front) knee should look on the back swing and also how I assume the left foot should not move on the downswing, other than the shifting of the weight to the instep. I video taped my swing for the first time and was shocked to see my left heel lift and/or my left foot taking a small turn/step towards the target. In terms of the left knee on the back swing, it looked like it bowed out past the right knee. Perhaps that is ok, but wondering if human nature is causing my knee to be out of the correct position vs the right knee.


  4. December 22, 2013


    Paul where can i get a swing speed radar i australia, ???
    Also i have developed a problem in my swing when playing a half swing. it seems that i am hitting to ball with the toe of the club and it shoots out to the right. i dont think it is a shank but could be wrong. It comes and goes and effects confidence on anything under 100m

    • Paul Wilson

      December 25, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You cannot get a Swing Speed Radar in Australia. These are doppler radar and need to be licensed in each country. Maybe it will happen in the future but for now you are out of luck. Maybe there is another unit you can get.

      If you are toeing it you are lifting up when you swing. The more you lift the more you toe it. This could be as simple as you swinging too hard. The harder you swing the more you will come up to see what you hit. You could also have the weight on your heels or be setting up too low.

      I should do tips on these shots. On the list they go.

  5. December 23, 2013


    I am a 74-year-old male golfer, I

  6. December 24, 2013



    Thanks to your tip on “Where the power comes from in the golf swing”, I am virtually sure why I’m having trouble getting over 90 mph with my driver. This a.m. I realized the reason I can match your clubhead speed with arms only. You have to be using your arms since you are NOT moving your upper body or using your legs to move your arms. I am doing the same thing and my speed is the same as yours. On the other hand, when I do the upper body swing and drive the legs, I must be continuing to activate and try to hit with my arms. This has to be my problem!

    I’ve got to learn to swing my arms by using my upper body rotation. I honestly thought I was doing that, but I must not be.

    This morning I swung my left arm hard, first with arm only. Then I swung my left arm with my upper body rotation and not only do I feel the difference, I actually feel the blood rush into my left hand fingertips!

    Now I need to learn to do this with a golf club. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks for the great Christmas present!

    John Shaughnessy

    • Paul Wilson

      December 26, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Glad you liked it. Thanks for the feedback.

      Th difference is my wrists are loser which allows the club to lag more. This creates more whipping action.

      Yes, you are using your arms and legs. I am not but I have done this for a long time. As you keep working on it you will feel when you are using the arms so you can keep them turned off. It does take focus. A lot of people feel less arms for the first time and they thing they’ve “got it” when really they are just using the arms less than what they were. Powerless arms means you are not using them at all. This is a huge difference. So get used to turning them off a little and get used this effortless feeling then turn them off even more and so on.

      For now, just get the arms out of the swing. This will get you understanding and feeling this looseness. Once you get used to this start working on increasing the rotational speed of the lower body.

      Do this drill immediately. I you cannot do this you are not even close to what I am after:

      DRILL: This Is The Best Drill You Should Be Doing Right Now: http://ignitiongolf.com/drill-three-quarter-distance/

  7. December 27, 2013


    Paul – I thought you should be creating torque by turning your upper body more than your hips, but when you turn it looks as if all your torso is turning together. Happy New Year, Peter (UK)

    • Paul Wilson

      December 30, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      Keep in mind that some of these swings I do I am not even trying. I just step up and hit it. I can assure you that most all of my swings my hips are moving very little. If they were over rotating you would see the grass between my knees (visually) from the down the line view. Seeing this grass could only occur on a knee rotation of about 45 degrees. Mine definitely do not move that much.

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