How To Pitch The Ball

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  1. JaySchwarz, 1 year ago


    On shorter pitch shots, say 10-30 yards, every now and then I’m catching the hosel. Would that be because I let my upper body slide towards the target on the downswing.

    It doesn’t happen on longer pitches when the club hinges up.

  2. ThomasHorn, 1 year ago


    in this video you mentioned you will explain the shorter pitch shots in the future. Any thoughts about the time you are going to publish them?

    Best regards, Thomas

  3. PaulLucas, 1 year ago

    This is a brilliant tip I’ve played twice now using this technique. It feels good looks good and is a real confidence booster. My only minor problem is I’m pushing it slightly to the left ( I’m a left-handed player ) which I’m sure is just practise to correct. My other concern the distance is pretty much set with my sand and to make it go further I use my wedge. No arms and body turn only not sure how to vary the distance??

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Paul, it is a great technique. This is not me saying this. This is every pro I have shown it to. You speed up by turning your body at different speeds. This is all in my pitching video. If you are pushing it you need to loose the wrists to allow the face to square. Just roll them over a few times early in practice swings then think about the body when hitting your shots. This should loosen them up.

  4. GeorgeNordhaug, 1 year ago

    Paul, your tips are amazingly simple to follow. It didn’t take but a couple of tries to get really nice pitch shots and chipping. Could you also do a tip on how to put backspin on the ball? Your methods really make it easier for beginners to learn how to hit effectively. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      George, Thank you very much. Here is what I usually say about backspin:

      To get backspin there are many factors. Here they are:

      1. Correct swing fundamentals.

      2. Angle of attack

      3. Clean grooves.

      4. No grass or other material between the ball and grooves.

      5. Soft fast greens.

      6. Green sloped towards you.

      7. Proper loft on club.

      8. Fast enough swing speed.

      etc. etc.

      So keep working on the proper fundamentals and have the right equipment and conditions and you will get backspin.

  5. GeorgeNordhaug, 1 year ago

    Paul, I really do like how simple your teaching is, my scores keep improving using your techniques. I was wondering how to pitch the ball to different distances. Keep up the great work and the great tips. Maybe I can make to your school next year!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      George, I have not shot these tips yet. I will get to it at some point. This is all information in my short game series. Basically, you are hinging your wrists different backswing lengths then turning your belt buckle different rotational speeds. Here is one pitching tip:

      How to Pitch:

  6. PaulLucas, 1 year ago

    May I ask a basic question from a high handicapper.

    How would you explain the difference between a Pitch and a Chip?

    Thank you.

  7. RogerMiller, 1 year ago

    HI Paul,

    When pitching and using short irons, I was previously told by my instructor to have my hands in front of ball to give a forward shaft lean on club, do you advocate using this for short irons/pitching using your teaching methods?


  8. WadeThames, 1 year ago

    I am starting to hook my pitches. I suspected it is too much body or hip movement but I am not really sure. Please advise!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      If you are hooking pitches without trying to hook them your grip is too strong. You need to immediately neutralize your grip. This will take the spin off the ball then you can see if there is a direction problem. If so, you need to work on your body rotation to get the ball on target.



      Also, check to see that your ball is not too far back in your stance and you are not re-gripping the club changing it to a strong position before you take the club back. It is highly unusual to hook a pitch shot so there is something severely wrong. Start checking your grip/setup and fundamentals.

      • WadeThames, 1 year ago

        Ok Paul I just found out I was not choked up enough. I about mid way into the grip now and the ball is going straight. Thanks again!

  9. TIMADAMS, 1 year ago

    Paul went to the range today and at end of the session I always do some pitches.well I was flipping at it and was hitting line drives(I did review the tip after)I wasn’t halfway dwn the grip was this causing the flaw or was it the Turn or lack of? Also your Pitching Technique isn’t it the same as your bunker tech minus tge grip and digging in the sand??

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      No idea. I would think you were hitting normal shots then you gripped down and were not used to it. So you were either looking up due to trying to hit the ball, lack of confidence or uncomfortable. If you are hitting it thin the club is coming off the ground. This could be from raising up or buckling arms. Just relax the arms, turn the body to hit the shot and keep watching the ball until you hit it.

      The pitching technique is the same as the bunker technique except in bunkers you are not gripping down so the club will enter the sand. If you grip down the club will be at the level of the sand.

  10. RichPeterson, 1 year ago

    Can you please do the short, 10/20/30 yard pitch shot video. Then follow it with the 70 yard plus pitch shots. My short game could sure use the help.
    Thanks, Rich

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      I will be doing this once the course greens up. Stay tuned.

  11. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    what is the importance of gripping down on this typ e of shot?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      You are gripping down on any shot that is less than a full swing so you shorten the club. This tells you that it is more of a delicate shot, it allows you to use the butt of the club as an indicator to point at the ground or target, and it shortens the club so you don’t hit the ball too far.

  12. carlosgomez, 12 months ago

    Paul could I use this technique for my full swing sounds easy?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 12 months ago


      It’s okay for now. I just don’t like the early wrist set but if you are having trouble hinging the club to the top then do it. Also, you need to go through to the full follow through touching the legs and touching the head. Oh yeah and make sure you are coiling your shoulders fully in the backswing.


      DRILL: Touch Legs Touch Head:

  13. barrybower, 11 months ago

    Hi Paul For the 90 degree and 45 degree backswing pitch , how weight distributed at address eg more on front for some. For these pitchs are we not so concerned about 1 piece take away Y intacted as we are just hinging the club to the 90,45 positions

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 11 months ago


      Your weight is always 50/50 if you are hitting a normal pitch shot. For the shorter pitches you are not doing the one-piece takeaway. You are hinging immediately going back thinking of the butt end of the club pointing at the appropriate spot. I just shot a few pitching tips. I will be posting them soon.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 11 months ago


      I am not actually sure until I can get out to hit a ball. My arm though are totally relaxed. My grip is secure.


      Stay Relaxed In The Follow Through:


      Are Your Hands Coming Off the Club?:

  14. carlosgomez, 11 months ago

    Paul I been using powerless arms with my swing working so far with
    driver thru wedge with full swings but when is a pitch of 50yds or less it feels like I’m going to hit the hosel I actually hit the hosel a couple of times
    any drills or thoughts you could give me, is when I thinking turn the belt buckle thanks****

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 11 months ago


      Check your setup. A lot of people like to get too low. Stand up tall even with short irons. This is new so you are not used to it. You are hinging you are turning. Let the wrists stay loose and turn over when you hit these shots. Sometimes people tighten up, want to watch their ball before they have hit it and try to help the shot.

      The only way you are shanking it is if you are getting too close to the ball. This is due to hitting. It causes you to roll onto your toes in the downswing. So as I said, loose up. Focus on turning. This turn allows the arms to come down to hit the ball. If all else fails hit these shots with the weight on your heels for a while. This will stop you from rolling forward. The problem is you are still hitting. So keep practicing.

  15. clintwalker, 8 months ago

    Hi Paul, enjoying the tips. I am only just starting to use my body and turn arms off. Arms almost feel like s pendulum in free mode. Anyway a couple of queries re pitching.

    1. Setup the same as far as weight moving to right foot on short backswing?, than move back to left foot (others suggest pre load on front foot)
    2. Do we consciously hinge for earlywrist set or is it automatic as the body stops on short swing and inertia causes the hinge just like the full swing.

    Forcing the hinge seems to be my downfall as I start hitting again.


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 8 months ago


      1. Yes, shift weight to right foot. I really want you thinking of the hinge though. This should be happening without you thinking about it. The weight would be on your left foot hitting knock down shots.

      2. For pitching I need you to manually hinge the club. This way you can hit he same backswing lengths for each of the shots. In your real swing they should be hinging through momentum. Just gently hinge it. Remember, you don’t hit it going back. Set it then start the lower body the other way to hit it.

  16. TristanThomas, 8 months ago

    Paul, Lately I’ve been hitting every third pitch shot dead right. I don’t think it’s a shank, more like an open club face. I think it’s because I’m getting too armsy and not turning. Does this sound right? It’s so bad right now I took my 60 degree wedge out of the bag.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 8 months ago


      Obviously the face is open. If you do not turn the club will just swing right. I though you were to be HINGING and TURNING to do my pitching method? If you don’t turn there is no way this will work. So HINGE then turn your belt buckle left of target to hit the shot. If you still don’t get it just roll the wrists over early about 5 times. The forget the wrists and focus on the turn. You should be able to fix this pretty quickly.

  17. Eliseo F GLiwag III, 7 months ago

    Hi Paul,

    Have you made a 80-100 yard shot video yet? I’m very interested to learn, as the 9 hole course I play in Golden Gate Park of San Francisco has a couple downhill 100 yard holes.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 7 months ago


      I have not shot this yet. This is the same as this tip:

      How to Pitch:

      Just do a longer swing and turn at slow, medium or fast rotational speeds to vary the distance of the shot. Basically it is your normal swing except you are thinking about hinging and turning.

  18. GeorgeNordhaug, 1 month ago


    I was just watching the short game series to brush up on some techniques, and you said we should think about turning our belt buckle instead of pushing off of our back foot as we would in our full swing. I feel I make better contact when I think of pushing off of my back foot just like I do in my full swing. Is this a bad thought? I can hit three different distances with each length of backswing as long as I think about how fast I need to turn. Also how high should say your medium pitch shots be? My medium shots are fairly high and have very little roll. I do not feel like I am using my arms, as you have stated in other tips that a high ball flight is an indication of hitting with your arms. Thanks for all the great tips that you give us.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 month ago


      Typically, short shots don’t require a big leg drive. The legs turn the axis (your body). If the legs aren’t driving hard then you need to manually turn your body. If you can do it with your feet and it is working then keep doing it.

      How high should a medium pitch shot should be? Fairly high. You are putting enough power in it to hit it a medium distance. If the proper contact is made the club will be hitting it with quite a bit of loft. In doing so, the ball will stop quite quickly. This is the whole point of hitting a shot like this. You want it to go high so it does not roll much.

  19. Rick g., 4 weeks ago

    I went out to try your pitching technique and I was having a lot of problems hitting it consistently. I don’t think I ever hit so many fat pitch shots. It seemed as if because of the slower turning and not developing any centrifugal force that when I turned my arms off the club head would drop too quickly behind the ball. Even on half decent shots the club wasn’t going into and through the ball. And no I wasn’t trying to help it into the air that is something I don’t ever try to do.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 4 weeks ago


      This is because you had all your weight on your back foot when you hit these fat pitch shots. Get off the back heel and you will hit these shots perfectly. Try again. Then tell me how great you did.

  20. Michael Saucerman, 3 weeks ago

    Hi Paul,

    Using your pitching technique, with the shorter (butt of the club towards the target) pitches, I feel very confident and hit good shots. However, with the longer (butt towards the ground), I shank a lot of them. I feel as though I’m following your technique correctly, simply saying to myself hinge, and turn. Until I stop shanking the longer pitches, should I more consciously be thinking of releasing the club, since for whatever reason just thinking “turn” is not squaring the clubface for me? Any other thoughts?

    Thank you,

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 3 weeks ago


      If you are shanking the weight is on your toes in the downswing. This is due to you hitting with your arms. I would think you need to have your chest up too. Most people start bending over too much with these shorter clubs.

      Also, if you need to release it then release it. Get good at it then turn the arms off. I have no problem with this.

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