Let’s Go Surfing

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  1. PETERMCMULLEN, 6 months ago

    That towel is a pretty wide surf board. Next time turn the towel 90 degrees.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 6 months ago

      Peter, I was surfing down the fairway not at the camera. Never been on one. I wonder how my lower body stability would hold up.

  2. DAVESHAFFER, 6 months ago

    Thanks Paul! I’ve had a habit of rolling my back foot over so I have to watch this constantly. Unfortunately it is all too “natural” for me to do that but I think I’m doing much better.

    On another note, I know I joked a bit about having a QB’s arm sleeve for the different exercises. But I did have this thought and perhaps you might think it a good idea. It is a simple workout routine for your top drills. For example, we know what your favorite drill is but I have no idea how often to do it. Should I do it every day and if so, how many times? I was thinking of a routine of 4 or 5 of your very best drills. If we should do them every day, then that takes care of that. The other question then would be how many times.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I’m getting a good turn and follow through with the hips with the back foot ending up on the toe. The final finish of the back of the head touch still needs a little work. The assistant Pro walked by me twice on the range today and twice referred to me as a machine!! haha The student said, I just need to take a picture of his swing. So it looks like I must be making some progress. To be sure, I’m sure there’s plenty that needs to improve.

    Thanks again, Paul.


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 6 months ago


      Interesting. I will write this down in my collection of tips that need to be shot.

      I want you doing drills at home every night if you can. Do 25-50 repetitions minimum. If you can do 500 then do 500.

      So you should be swinging off the ground first. Then increase the sound of the whipping club to get your hips moving faster. Swing up at it a little to make sure you are not coming over the top.

      Next, do wrist roll overs to the club releasing.

      Also, work on your positioning. If you cannot do drills do positions. If you cannot do positions do drills. If you can do both do both.

      Too mechanical. You may very be. After you do these positions enough it will smoothen out so just keep doing them. I like when people make comments. When this happens things are moving in the right direction. Keep at it.

  3. DAVESHAFFER, 6 months ago

    Thanks Paul. I’ll look forward to the tip but this is a good start.


  4. RaymondCHASTEL, 2 months ago

    Paul ,This tip from you is another More modern way to teach the stability of the lower body than the the old ‘TURN IN A BARREL “instruction – 150 years old -of JERSEY PRO PERCY BOOMER .
    What was t rue at the beginning of golf is Still t rue today!
    Speaking of daily drills ,what are your prefferred drills to increase clubhead speed .
    M’y own speed is climbing slowly ,but surely ,with the ULTIMATE SWING TRAINER drills of MIKE BAUMAN,as Well as consistency( Less dispersion ) at the same Time .
    I practice your “rollover “drill every day ,and use a SPEED STICK ( MOMENTUS speed WHOOSH or alignment rod ) to get the sensation of the clubhead moving faster .
    Any other suggestions ,Apart of taking also care of my body through JEREMY ‘s excellent physical exercises .

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 month ago


      I don’t have any more tips. I have given them to you already.

      You need to turn faster and keep the wrists loose. Do the lag drills too. I can guarantee you are not driving the lower body hard enough. Is this due to age? Possibly? Technique? Possibly.

      Why don’t you do a Video Golf Lesson so we can see what you are doing? Small price to pay for confirmation.

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