The Importance of Setting the Backswing

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Author Description

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is the creator of Swing Machine Golf and founder of Ignition Golf. Paul's golf swing technique is based on the Iron Byron swing machine. YouTube Channels: Paul Wilson Golf and Ignition Golf Tips. Please Join me on Google+

18 Responses to “The Importance of Setting the Backswing”

  1. April 7, 2013


    Hi Paul- thanks for this. Good timing!

  2. Great summary of many of your key tips. Thank you. Also great timing!!

  3. Paul,
    I am working on swing tempo. I am trying to maintain a 1.20 sec swing duration with a 3/1 ratio. So, if I slow my back swing, should I turn my hips faster to maintain the 1.20 sec swing duration? I will go back and review your tempo videos.

    • April 10, 2013

      Paul Wilson


      You are going to go back slow to help keep the arms turned off and build a great swing. Once you do you can then think about getting your 3/1 ratio again (something I do not care about or have ever thought about as well as the great majority of tour players). So keep going back slowly. Keep the arms turned off. Keep using the lower body to hit your shots. Also, keep focusing on doing perfect swing positions. Keep doing tons of practice swings setting these positions.

  4. Thanks

  5. You didn’t touch on four specific points :
    – do you hinge your wrists early in the backswing ,Cocking them at the very beginning ,or just let them hinge back by themselves during the backswing ?
    – do you try to keep the right elbow close to your torso going back or don’t you do anything about it ?
    – how do you control your Clubface is not open or closed at the top of the backswing ?
    -do you Roll “your wrists ” going back and “unroll ” them in the thruswing for more Power ?

  6. Hi paul is your swing a one plane or two plane? thanks

    • Carlos,

      My swing is 2 plane.

      Why do I teach a 2 plane swing:

      1. It is physically impossible to swing on a perfect 1 plane due to the angle between the left arm and clubshaft.

      2. The great majority of the best golfers of all time were 2 plane.

      3. I have yet to see a long driver doing a one-plane swing.

      4. You do not hit the ball going back so what does it matter if you are one plane?

      5. If you start your body first in the downswing and keep the arms powerless the clubshaft will flatten to 90 degrees to the axis (body).

      6. Everyone I have seen doing a one plane swing moves their head forward upwards of 6 inches as they go back (this is a know problem with this method).

      7. Most people using this swing blow it right or duck hook it.

      8. The people I see doing a 1 plane swing see-saw their shoulders as opposed to rotating them creating the torque necessary in the swing.

      9. The amateur players I have seen don’t seem to be able to work on this swing on their own.

      10. etc. etc.

      • Paul ,I couldn’t agr

        • Raymond,

          Everyone (even Moe) swings on 2 planes. It is physically impossible to swing on one plane. This is because there is an angle between the lead arm and the clubshaft that cannot be eliminated. Just draw a line up the shaft from the down the line view and you will see that it is not possible to swing on this plane.

          Moe hit over 4 million golf balls with that swing. If I did that I would be pretty good too!

  7. Paul
    I noticed my backswing is jittery as I’m taking the club back my right knee
    starts shaking a lil bit and right hand also, this just started with my powerless arms swings did this happen to you when you were making the swing change. thanks ****

    • Carlos,

      This did not happen with my swing. Focus on moving the club back with your shoulders. This does not mean your clubhead is going to get stuck in the grass and get flicked back. It should be smooth. If you still have problems reduce the downward pressure on the clubhead at setup and brush the grass going back. If you are pressing down to hard it may be getting stuck in the grass.

  8. Hi Paul My practise swings at the transition from top to start of downswing look fine , when i actually hit the ball on video i always have this vertical flip up of the club (shaft goes more towards 90 degrees and closer to across the line), the degree it does this varys . Not sure whats causing it even had lesson from club pro he couldnt stop it at the practise session. the resulting inconsistency mostly in woods and long iron, i saw one of your tips on why this flip occurs , cant find could you dirrect me to it. this flipping even occurs when i stop at top at top before coming down,

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