How To Manually Square the Clubface

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  1. barrybower, 1 year ago

    Been doing this hooking ball drill,i find that i hook alot of shots,do not slice any,the strange thing is 40 percent of the shots go relatively straight or slight draw even though i feel like i am really rolling my wrist over early like the drill says. in the drill am i looking for big wild hooks. Still hasnt got rid of fade on course . Are there any other drills besides this one and the 1/2 swing side to side one for loosenig up the wrist . i still feel like club not getting square at impact . Been using your system for last 3 months gone from 10 to 6 handicap ,feel like i need to get rid of this big fade to get more consistent.

  2. HermanKoh, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for helping me get rid of my push fade. My problem was that my wrist was all locked up and I had to do the drill you asked us to do. I was like a mad man doing the rolling my wrist early drill a million times when I was doing nothing. My wife even thought I was going crazy doing it. Nevertheless, all those roll over has completely loosen my wrist and I don’t even have to think about it now when on the range or course. It just happens naturally now. My shots are very straight now. My next mission now is to improve the power aspect of my game and I can’t wait for you power golf tips to be out!!!! Thanks again.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Herman, That’s great that you did the drill non-stop. This is what everyone should be doing. It does take effort though.

  3. ClintHead, 1 year ago

    Hey Paul. I feel like for the most part I have a decent swing. My biggest flaw is flipping my wrist at impact. How can I stop doing this. I feel like I can’t help myself from doing this. Thanks for posting all the great tips.

  4. RICHARDGLEASON, 1 month ago

    I have always had trouble spinning out with my hips. So I started concentrating on sliding. When I try to rotate my hips per your instruction I see I’m going back to my tendency for the right hip to move out taking my arms over the top. I need more understanding of this hip rotation, thanks.

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