Power: How Your Hip Speed Affects Power

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  1. RonCalabrese, 1 year ago

    Paul, that’s a great video. Presently, my driver swing speed with the monitor you’re using is around 96 MPH. Is there an accurate graph of swing speed versus carry distance, eliminating the launch angle and similar variables?

    At 68 years old, your 117 MPH speed would probably cause injury, don’t you think?!

    Thanks, Ron

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Ron, Glad you liked it. Thanks.

      The Swing Speed Radar comes with a graph. Here it is: http://www.swingspeedradar.com/distancevsswingspeed.html

      Yes, if you could get it 117 that would be a miracle. When you see me swing slowly though I can get it to almost 100. This to me feels like I am not swinging at it at all. If you can go for 100mph by turning a little faster and keeping the wrists a little looser you will faster than 95% of all golfers I would think. If you get it that fast then go to 105mph. You can do it.

  2. BryanRhoades, 1 year ago

    Paul…this is so true. I played in a 4 man scramble yesterday and these 3 guys hadn’t seen me play in a year. They were flabergasted at my improvement. The one comment over and over was…your swing is so balanced…its like your barely swinging. On one drive I cleared trees on a dogleg and hit it 290. I also shot an 80 last weekend. All I can say to everyone is that diligence pays off. Watch these tips over and over while studying the SMG book and video series and it will click. Took me over a year but I was a tough nut to crack. All I think now after setup and alignment is “Left shoulder….Touch Legs”. It’s that simple. Thanks Paul.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Bryan, That’s great news. Can you send me a video testimonial? I would love to post it on the site. In fact I am going to send this message to everyone.

      I love it when students improve then play with their friends. It must get them thinking. Maybe they will join IG.

      • BryanRhoades, 1 year ago

        Oh most definitely!!! Better yet I think I have footage from a year or two ago when I was trying some stack & tilt method and of course can get you some of my swing now. I chuckle at that old video where I’m so flat footed in my downswing and have hardly any firing of the right side. It’s like my right foot was in cement…not to mention the tension in my wrists/arms. Glad those days are gone…I almost quit.

        • Paul Wilson

          Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

          Bryan, That would be great if you could show the old swing in the new swing. It would show a dramatic difference I’m sure. I can always edit it together if you need me to. Please let me know thanks.

  3. jimmarlow, 1 year ago

    I love this video as well as comments by RON AND Bryan. I get so much from all of these sources.
    You did a video with one of your students a few days ago and was very impressed with his swing. I would be interested in how long you have been working with him and how did his swing change since you started with him?

    In reference to this video; when you are playing golf does your hip rotation speed change with different clubs or do you find that you play better if you keep it constant no matter if you are hitting your driver to a wide fairway or hitting your wedge?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Jim, glad you like the videos. Thanks.

      That video was shot after Pat’s 6th lesson. Before he came to me he was doing the stack and tilt swing which was not working for him. So his swing has dramatically changed it still needs more work but it’s coming along.

      With shorter clubs such as pitching wedge or sand wedge you are not really driving the legs as hard as you can. This is why most people hit pulled shots with these clubs. The motor (legs) are not firing as fast as they should so the person tends to start the arms first in the downswing. This causes the pull.

      In my book and videos I recommend that people think about starting the downswing by turning the belt buckle as opposed to driving the legs real hard with the lower body. In doing so you still get the lower body initiating the downswing which illuminates the pull. You may want to use this as your trigger with lower clubs.

      With longer clubs you are definitely driving the lower body as hard as you can.

  4. RichardLong, 1 year ago

    Paul best tip video that Ive seen. Very very telling.
    For an average golfer this is the holy grail. Congrats!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Richard, glad you liked it. This is the Holy Grail that seems to elude the great majority of golfers. If I can only get people to think about the lower body that is a huge step. If they are at least thinking of using the lower body they are doing something upper was doing. If the person is thinking about hitting the golf ball with their arms there is no way they are going to reach their potential. Hopefully everyone else sees the importance of this tip starts to incorporate it into their swing too.

  5. WadeThames, 1 year ago

    I watched this video again, worked on it and pickup (on the average) 10 mph with my 7 iron. There is one thing I discovered if I turn my club upside down a do my normal swing about 10 or 20 times with the speed radar I am about 20 mph faster. When go back to swing the normal way I retain a lot that speed. Then, I started thinking more about swinging loose and firing the hips and matched it a few times.
    The motion remind of me when I played baseball as a kid. Like when you tried to hit one that was low and outside. It feels like the same motion. I don’t know if that make any sense but that was a long time ago for me.

    Anyway thanks again!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Wade, That is great that you saw and increase in swing speed when flipping the club. I will have to try it. If I like it I will shoot at tip about it. Thanks.

      The golf swing uses the same 3 elements are baseball. If you can relate the golf swing to this move keep doing it. This is a great thought. Most people who play golf are doing so like bunting in baseball. You need to hit a home run. To do this the wrists must be loose.

      • WadeThames, 1 year ago

        I turned the club upside after reading something about fast twitch muscles vs slow switch. Then I thought may I could see how fast I swing with “no head and no ball” on the radar. I was surprised at the speed. So that told me the speed in me … somewhere. LOL When I went back the club felt heavy but when I swung my club head speed was faster by about 7 or 8 mph after a few tries. I kept swinging but trying to push my hips and speed increase about 3 or 4 miles after a few bad ones. Then I start trying to loosen up because I think I was getting tense. At that point a few times I hit around the same speed as the upside down club.

      • WadeThames, 1 year ago

        OK did some more swings and discovery. Part of the problem for me is the ball. I did continue to see the most increase in speed by turning the club upside down but with holding club in the normal position with no ball I saw an increase, also. I put the ball back and then my speed decreased. So started to try get looser in the arms and make sure I hinged and it got a little better.

        So next I thinking maybe I am still worried about making solid contact but with the method you have given me I solved that problem months ago. When I go to the range I hit a 7 iron that the average carry about 145 yards and most are fairly straight with some hooks and fades. I was told this is about normal for most amateurs. I have been playing for about one year but I am 6’2” about 200 pounds at age 55.

        Anyway at one point I said out loud to myself “F***” the ball just swing the club. It worked! It took many swings but it worked. I tried to remember the sound the upside club made and just swung.

        At this point I think golf is more mental hurdle than physical one for me.


  6. DesEllis, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,
    My swing has improved leaps and bounds due to your great lessons in getting the right leg to touch the left leg on follow through.
    I was playing the other day with my mate who is a +1 handicapper .
    He says my major fault is not enough wrist action he says i have a good lag but not enough ZIP as he described it in the last few feet of my swing before impact with the ball,
    I caddied a long side Raffa cabrera Bellos from Spain at the Irish Open and was amazed at his wrist action for the last few feet of his swing.
    Any tips Paul on improving my wrist action to get more”ZIP” in those last few feet or do i gat this by simply being loose?!

  7. DesEllis, 1 year ago

    Thanks Paul Brilliant Keep up your great work!

  8. DesEllis, 1 year ago

    I am getting good release of the club with the irons but not so good with the driver why would that be?


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      Because you are trying to hit the driver too hard. Do it slowly (forget the ball). Get good at it. Then speed up the lower body rotation to hit it farther.

  9. DesEllis, 1 year ago

    Thanks human nature to whack the driver!
    Best drills on the web
    Keep up the great work.

  10. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    My swing has really improved and my timing with lower body is a lot better and smoother BUT i am having problems at top of backswing i cant hinge my wrists in normal play but i can do in practice swing!
    I am constantly swinging club to loosen wrists will i get this eventually in my swing?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      You are tightening up because you are trying to hit the ball with your arms (too hard). You will not get this looser feeling into your swing until you change the way you think. You are trying for distance. I am trying to make the correct movement. The correct movement gives me all the distance I could ask for. So for the next while swing at 50%. Forget all about distance and just try to hit the fairway. Also, go back slowly. This will allow you enough time to set the backswing. Forget about hitting great shots and focus on doing the position on the course. It is all about doing something different than you are currently doing. If the backswing feels comfortable you are doing it wrong. This is new so it should feel different. After you keep doing this different feeling it will feel okay. Quit fighting it and just make the change.

  11. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    I forgor to say i havent hinged my wrists properly for years probably why im stuck on a 6 handicap!
    Cheers Paul for all your help!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      If pros hinge their wrists you should be hinging your wrists. They are lower than a 6 hdcp.

  12. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    You misunderstood me! NOT hinging my wrists is why I am stuck on a 6 handicap!

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      No I go totally got you. That is why I said pros hinge their wrists. You are not. They are better than you so you need to be doing what they are doing … hinging. So get hinging.

  13. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    ie i havent improved! because i am not hinging my wrists!

  14. paulelliott, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,

    I noticed that when i dont take a proper FULL shoulder turn I dont hinge my wrists I think that was part of my problem

    Thanks for all your help

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      Watch tonight’s replay tip of how to increase your shoulder turn.

  15. JohnSteen, 7 months ago

    Hi Paul,

    I have been working on yout techniq now for some months and finally I am hitting a lot more fairways and my hcp has lowered.
    But I have problems to avoid pushes and push fades when I increase my hip rotation. What could be wrong, I have got a increased speed but the push fades are a problem.

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