Curl Fingers For Proper Bottom Hand Placement

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  1. JuleHerbert, 2 months ago

    Off topic — yesterday on the 18th hole, par 5, two presses and 2 regular bets working, and I had about a 55 yard third shot to the green. Opponent in trap lying three. I had a 58 degree wedge in hand. No pressure, large green, no sand between me and hole. “Chilly-dipped” it and took about a 12 inch divot. Any suggestions or links, Paul?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      You looked up. In doing so you kept your weight on the back foot at impact thus hitting behind the ball. Fat shots are too much weight on the back foot at impact. Before hitting this shot you should have know your yardage and the exact swing you were going to apply to make the ball go this far. This way you would not be guessing. If you are not guessing you will not look to see if you pulled off the shot. HINGE then TURN. That is what you should have been thinking about.

      Make sure you watch some of the pitching tips. This is also in my Swing Machine Golf short game series.

  2. CraigSmith, 2 months ago

    Hi Paul,

    Played a tight, tree lined neighbor course this weekend (home course hosting tournament)….and spent a lot of time in the trees. Had been working on “setting” the backswing but could not find a fix …. All day it was squarely struck balls going hard left or lazy balloon fades right. All outside in (downswing). Can this pattern be from being too tight in the grip? Is it best to stay (or return to) neutral? Thanks,

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      So the pulls were telling you that you were starting down with your arms first. In trying to keep it out of the trees you tightened your wrists and held the face open or you were coming out of it seeing if the fix you applied was working.

      If I was on the course and I started pulling it I would be holding the club in the air and doing practice swings off the ground trying to feel my legs powering the swing. After doing 3 or so practice swings I would have then applied this very same feeling to the shot while just letting my arms go along for the ride. After hitting my shot I would watch it to see if this fixed it or not. If not, I would keep doing the swings off the ground until I felt the legs.

      What I like about the pulls is that the face was squaring/releasing its just that your body was not working. So I think you should start basing your swing on coiling and uncoiling to hit your shots now. So the next time you play focus on this not the arms. Keep them relaxed use the spring-like effect to hit every shot. Watch your ball and it will tell you if you have to speed up or slow down the uncoil.



      Uncoil 1:
      Uncoil 2:

  3. CraigSmith, 2 months ago

    Thanks Paul- will do.

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