Fix Your Swing Before You Play

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  1. JuleHerbert, 6 months ago

    Best 13 minute lesson I have seen. Hope to see you again in March. Re putting “yips”: I have gone to the claw right hand and have completely cured the problem, especially on long putts.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 6 months ago


      Thanks. Glad you to hear you are doing well. If the claw is working keep doing it.

  2. LottaLiljegren, 6 months ago

    This was just what I needed right now!! Going to a competition tomorrow and I tend to slice the ball more often than not…..especially with my driver! Will try this before I go out to the firts tee tomorrow!! :)

  3. LottaLiljegren, 6 months ago

    I did take advantage of the end of the season and did my first ever round under 100!!!! Managed to lower my hcp to a point well under my season goal.
    We have wonderful weather in Sweden and hopefully we have some rounds of golf left before it

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 6 months ago


      Very good. Yes, you need a new goal. Make it a good one. How about a 14 handicap or less. That is doable. Over the course of the winter you need to b doing constant practice swings making sure you swing positions are perfect. If you do you will develop a great swing and becoming a 14 hdcp or less is well within your reach.

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