Drill – Let the Club Fall Down

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  1. MartinRyan, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul
    You gave me a tip the other day because I was what I thought coming out of the shot http://ignitiongolf.com/follow-through-eyes-tilted.
    However, in this tip you mention that I would be topping the ball. In fact I am hitting it fat creating a large divot and the ball is going high right. Is the same tip going to resolve this problem or is it all one of the same?

  2. WadeThames, 1 year ago

    In this video of Sergio Garcia does his hands seem to drop quickly because he is squatting a bit in the downswing? I heard most consider Sergio swing somewhat unorthodox but I still like it. Also, look at angle he gets at the top. It is like 75 degrees! I know 90 degrees is easy to get because that is natural were your hand wants to be. Maybe there is a drill or exercise to help me work on it. Thanks!

    FO (slow motion)


  3. HansooKim, 4 weeks ago


    I’ve been recently having some problems with the position of my shoulders and arms during the downswing.
    for some reason, when i start the down swing with my hips, my upper body is turning, but my arms are lagging way behind.
    and so, during impact, my body is already facing fourty-five degrees towards the target, while my hip is further ahead.
    To counteract this, i unconsciously started to pull my swing down during the beginning of the backswing, my make sure it catches up with the rest of the upper body.

    at first i thought this might be a connection problem, but my armpit feels tight…

    it also goes along with a problem i had before, when my hips would almost face the target during the moment of impact

    have i taken the lower and upper body seperation problem way too far?

    any help would be great.

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