DRILL: Cure 3 Flaws At Once – Hit Behind Ball

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  1. KathySutyak, 1 year ago

    Any drills to fix the flaw of hitting behind the ball? I do that more than anything.

  2. DominicErba, 1 year ago


    Once you “have the principle” of looking at spot behind the ball…does the hit become ball-turf again….looks like your last hit in the tip is ball turf


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      Yes, you are doing a normal swing. You are not physically trying to hit the ground. If you did you would hit every shot fat. Get the feeling in practice swings the apply it to a real golf shot and see what happens.

  3. DavidWeinstein, 1 year ago

    Paul, thank you for this drill. I was told that to achieve the same thing I should try to hit the ball somewhere between 7-8 O’clock. It has been a good thing, especially when driving. Is this drill aimed to achieve the same thing?


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago


      Basically the same thing. Just feel like the ball is behind the ball you are trying to hit.

  4. ERIABBERA, 1 year ago

    Hi Paul,
    I tee up the ball the way you recommend for a driver but I still touch the ground during impact. Is this normal?

  5. barrybower, 1 year ago

    Paul Does this drill encourage you to start with lower body or do we still have to concentrate on starting dowswing with lower body. Been doing alot of your starting downswing with lower body drills,which one of these is the most effective.

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