How To Know If You Are Swinging Too Hard

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  1. STEVECAMPBELL, 2 months ago

    Great advice Paul. I know very well from my past results that I have been swinging too hard and hit these shots.
    I also developed golfers elbow in my right arm as as result of swinging too hard.
    I am now trying to make myself slow the swing down and use the rotation and wrists hinge.
    It does take alot of swings and discipline to gear it down.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      Golfers elbow is definitely a sign of swinging way too hard. This should never be happening. Glad you are slowing down.

  2. JaySchwarz, 2 months ago

    In my swing, when in over do it, I will hit pulls. The upper body goes toward the target, the hips don’t turn enough which pulls the ball.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago

      Jay, this is arms too but you can still swing slow and pull it. That is why I didn’t list it as swinging too hard.

  3. JeromeLuchuk, 2 months ago

    I used to be a chronic slicer for years and years but your teaching has totally eliminated this. Now I am hooking with my driver and woods. Irons go straight. What is confusing me is my first couple tee shots fly around 250 yards. After that I constantly lose my distance by 50 yards. All my irons also loose considerable distance. I am not sure what to do. I practice a lot indoors and play on a simulator twice a week. Thanks for curing my slice but what should I do to correct losing so much distance. I try to swing easier but it doesn’t help. I don’t believe I get any wrist power when actually trying to hit a ball.

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      What is happening is that as you get further into the round you start swinging harder. The harder you hit the tighter your wrists the more distance you loose. To gain more power you need to be driving the lower body harder with looser wrists. Image if there were 2 of you. One had loose wrists and the other with tight wrists. Doing the exact same swing who would hit the ball farther? Obviously the one with looser wrists. So the next time you go out focus on keep the wrists super loose. Power the swing with legs and hips. I say it is an unmistakable feeling of using the legs and hips not the hands and arms. So if you are not getting this unmistakeable feeling you are not firing them hard enough.

      I would be doing 2-3 practice swings holding the club off the ground before every shot. This way you will feel the legs powering the swing. Once you get this feeling immediately step up to the shot and apply this very same feeling to your shot.

      DRILL: Swing Off Ground:
      DRILL: Listen to Club Swinging:

  4. geraldkoenning, 2 months ago

    Great tip, it sounds a lot like my problem. Can not wait till summer and try all your golf tips. I use to hit a very long ball and now I am a 72 and still trying to hit the ball as far as I use to. This slowing down when I start to slice will really help me.

  5. RaymondCHASTEL, 2 months ago

    Paul ,
    I’m not quite sure that slowing down is THE only correct answer to THE “SWINGING TOO HARD “syndrom .
    You definitely CAN have a fast tempo and stay flexible and loose ,especially with THE wrists .
    I speak only OF myself here:I have adopted THE “REVOLTA FORMULA ” in which I say to myself :ONE ,TWO ,THREE ,SWING ,and I try to Turn THE fastest possible while staying utterly loose (Maybe I’m not that loose ,but I feel so!).
    JOHNNY REVOLTA would say that swinging too slow is conducive to Many errors .
    And since I swing faster ,I make much less errors ! ( And I produce more distance )
    Where’s THE catch ?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 2 months ago


      No one is telling you to swing too slow. I sad your 50% is actually 70-80%. I am saying that if you are swinging too hard you will start to see these shots. When you see these flaws you then slow down. Why would you keep swinging at that rate of speed if you are not making pure contact?

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