Breathe for More Power

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  1. ERIABBERA, 1 year ago

    Hi Dave
    How many times should this exercise be repeated before hitting the ball?

  2. David Breslow

    David Breslow, 1 year ago


    Great question.
    I actually incorporate it in the pre-shot routine when I talk about it in the W to W program so it’s done during the preparation time.

    I also recommend golfers to do 2 sets of 15 breaths (30 total) in the morning upon rising and in the evening.. This gives you personal experience with it so when you do it on the course–it’s just an extension of your other prep.

    So, you can incorporate it in your routine, do it twice a day formally and do it ANYTIME during your day to benefit.

    Find the time that fits best for you on the course and see what feels best!

    Don’t get too concerned about being mechanically “perfect” with it!!!

  3. MichelGascon, 1 year ago

    That is a fantastic exercise I felt my muscles relax while I was doing it during your talk. It will definitely help

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