Correct Ball Position In Your Golf Swing

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  1. WadeThames, 1 year ago

    Paul, what is the purpose of the three ball positions? Is it because of loft? The left most adding more loft to the driver and less loft to a wedge? I had been using Nicklaus approach were every ball is played from the same position (off the left heel) with any club. Is there a problem with this approach?

    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 1 year ago

      Wade, The ball is moving forward because the clubs are getting longer. The longer the club the longer it takes to get to square. I find this is too far forward playing each club from the instep of the left foot. I would stick to the way I explain it. If you cannot do it then do it the Nicklaus way.

  2. BruceLaughton, 9 months ago

    Hi Paul:

    I have been so pleased with the progress with your system but I absolutely hate those situation where I need to use the 3 hybrid or the 3 wood. In a recent round, my partner suggested moving the ball position back to mid-stance for the 3 wood. Out of desperation, I did so and hit it a solid 200 yards.

    I am still relatively new to your methods and do not want to begin to apply band-aids. How sacrosanct are the ball positions you recommend?


    • Paul Wilson

      Paul Wilson, 9 months ago


      With a 3 wood you should be 1 ball inside your forward heel. So by this person telling you to drop it back I would think it was pretty close to where I want it. Keep in mind you are making an arc with the club The more you drop it back the more the club has not reached the maximum curvature to the arc. So maybe you were hitting with arms a little and coming over the top. By dropping it back too much you were then making more direct contact from the inside. I would be checking this ball position and making sure it is perfect every time. This is very important.


      Ball Position:


      Width of Stance:

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