AlignMed Posture Shirt Review

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Posture is a huge part of not only an athletic golf setup but in every day life as well. The Alignmed posture shirt allows anyone to develop better posture by simply wearing it on a regular basis.

The longer you wear it the more your body is placed into the correct posture.  It doesn’t get easier than this.  Now you can develop an athletic golf set up as well as relieve pressure on your joints which will help you play plain free golf.

I only promote products I feel will help you improve your game.  I know it sounds unbelievable that a shirt can have you develop correct posture but I own an AlignMed posture shirt myself and can recommend it with 100% confidence.

Other Benefits:

Relieve Pain

Improve Balance

Increase Range of Motion

Improve Flexibility

Increase Recovery Rate

Enhance Proprioception

If you are serious about playing better golf and developing correct posture for you golf setup as well as in everyday life pick up your own AlignMed posture shirt today.  You’ll be glad you did.

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2 Responses to “AlignMed Posture Shirt Review”

  1. Paul ,ROGER FREDERICKS has brought out a long time ago a wonderful book on Flexiblity in golf combined with “ad hoc “exercises and drills .
    He’s a fan of good posture as he explains here :he sells the “POSTURIZER” to correct rounded shoulders (A slouching position you get unfortunately into when you age )and the “SLANT BOARD “to keep you straight standing up .
    There are many ,many exercises to correct slouching ,the simplest being to pull a rubber band in front of you with the two arms horizontal and pulling the hands apart.
    I’ll nevertheless give a try to his “anti-slouching ” shirt !

    • Raymond,

      Roger is a good friend so when he told me about it I listened. I tried it and it felt great. I can truly see how wearing it over time would train someone to have great posture which will not only help their swing but everyday well being.

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