Advancing the Coil

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  1. RandyMiller, 1 year ago

    Where do you buy a ball like you are using?

    • Jeremy Klinkhamer

      Jeremy Klinkhamer, 1 year ago

      Hi Randy,
      Any sporting goods store should do. You don’t need anything expensive at all. In fact, if you grab a small pillow you could do exactly the same thing.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  2. RaymondCHASTEL, 1 year ago

    I don’ t quite see the difference with the exercise on the stabilty ball :the legs don’ t move in both exercises !Where ‘s the catch ?A gain,I prefer to perform these exercises with a m

    • Jeremy Klinkhamer

      Jeremy Klinkhamer, 1 year ago

      Hi Raymond,
      Good question. A large percentage of golfers I work with have trouble keeping their legs “quiet” in the backswing. Therefore, I start them on the stability ball which forces their lower body not to move. The catch is… when we stand up we don’t have anything stopping our lower body from moving anymore. This is where the exercise gets harder. Not only do you have to rotate the upper body (with a weighted ball or not) but you have to stabilize your own lower body when you’re standing up without the help of the stability ball. Watch yourself in the mirror when you do it. If you’re great at keeping the lower body anchored I find that it’s ok to move to a medicine ball as you mentioned. If your knee and foot move around during the exercise, you shouldn’t use weight until you perfect the movement pattern. Good luck.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

  3. RaymondCHASTEL, 1 year ago

    Thanks ,Jeremy ,for the explanation !

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