Advanced Rotator Cuff Program

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  1. chadcarpenter, 1 year ago

    I have worked up to doing one set lying on my side with an 8 pound weight and two sets of the standing version using a weight in each hand. I also do 2 sets of inward rotation with a band.

    1. When doing the standing version I try to maintain the bend in my elbows throughout. Correct?

    2. When I do, I find that the weights are not pointed straight back at the top but are instead pointing away at an angle. To get the weights pointed straight back I would have to rotate my hand inward which I can’t see how it helps the rotator cuff. Am I doing the move incorrectly?

    On another matter, now that you are accumulating a number of fitness tips perhaps you should organize them into related groups as Paul does for the swing tips. Otherwise we have to page through the list to find related items.
    I’d also find it useful to have some structure to the program. With the golf tips I have the Swing Machine Golf program and can relate tips on the website to that overall program. Re fitness and flexibility, what is important, what is not, what is a reasonable level of performance (maybe by age and or hours per week that I am willing to put in?) for a “body part” and then that can go into maintenance mode with less time and move on to improving something else.

    • Jeremy Klinkhamer

      Jeremy Klinkhamer, 1 year ago

      Hi Chad,
      1. Correct. Elbow 90 degrees throughout and maintain neutral wrist position.
      2. The thumb side of the weight should be pointed at your hip (at the bottom of the move) and the thumb side of the weight should be pointed to the wall directly behind, or palm toward your head, at the top of the move. This move coordinates shoulder abduction with external rotation which is a much more functional movement pattern that utilizes the rotator cuff.
      Lastly, I will inform Paul of your recommendation concerning organization of the website. Thank you for the suggestion. I’m happy to continue to supply content on topics I feel are important for golfers to learn.
      Jeremy Klinkhamer, PT

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